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  1. [deleted by the author]
  2. Thank you.
  3. You don't have to read every word which I write, but...
    Men who I prefer due to their dob, +1: Astor Piazzolla. We've never discussed instruments, or did we..

    Very dear greetings to Argentina and a nice long Pentecost weekend...
  4. So, today you become a dirty old man?

    Well, I really have to think about this, as us divide only less than 7 years...

    Very dear greetings to Buenos Aires, and ...

    Happy Birthday, man.
  5. You ask for a moderator. Why not you?
    [English is difficult sometimes, isn't it.]

    Argentina is underrepresented here by far. And you showed a good reaction to the Brian.

    PS: He is a real living prototype for young men, in his country?
    Ok so far, but I don't think that all young Britons like to become a**h*les. Until today I had a quite neutral opinion concerning GB.

    But wtf does he think to achieve with his presence here? Affection? Is he ill?
  6. 171 is my flight number for my bedroom simulator!

    So, Congratulations (and celebrations)...
    But you don't really want to hear me singing it.

    All the very Best for your birthday!

    Beyond 35, we are seniors... *laugh*
  7. We are so old (*laugh*), who if not the both of us is still able to tell stories about long gone aircraft, long gone airports, long gone airlines like Braniff, Spantax, Sabena, ...
    What did you feel when you became 35? Or is this already too far away... ;-D
    I felt, in total contrast to 30, that, the more years come, the more fun it is...

    fun to compare the present, with postmodern airports like VTBS Suvarnabhumi. This one is so very shiny new, that it is not included in the ms flight simulator x.

    Like Daryl Chapman, you are one of the jp Urgestein (german for Senior Member), that I'd like to meet one nice day.
    But in my eyes, I'll have to work for that, 90% of the airports that I know are situated like my home airport: on the northern half of our nice blue planet. VTBD, VTBS, VABB, Kai Tak, all north of the equator.
    Until I set foot for the very first time on Argentinean soil (and the airline should not be a handicap), I have a wish what we can tell our sons and nephews: aviation.

    It is just fantastic. Connecting people intercontinental.
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