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  1. I'm not yet finished with that topic. My father almost always was the oldest man in the whole family, not to mention that he was the only man among three older sisters.

    So, I was always very curios when we met men who are older than him. I can say what happened during that occasions. That were the best moments, with family men born in 1935, he was always so very friendly.

    One last question for today.

    What would you write if you look in the face of
    Michael E. Love, who is a founding member and the most experienced member of
    The Beach Boys. Born March 15th 1941.

    I'd guess you would not call him an idiot. At least not here on this platform!

    Dear greetings to London!
  2. Imho, since May 14th 2019, both of us are old enough so that we don't have to use words to say that during the last eleven years, we have respected each other.

    Not with 100%. Oh I know that phenomenon. My father was born March 1945. So, he'd celebrate 75 years next year, if he didn't die in December 2009.

    If he were alive at his 65th birthday, he's almost a man like you. Baby son, 41 years old, what is he good for. As I mentioned, my father died before his 65th birthday.

    I'm here to wish you all the very Best for 70 years in life!
  3. Hm. There is nothing new. Read my November 2017 message again!
  4. My question will stay the same for the next 24 years (and longer): How often are you able to can, per day?

    If you don't remember the answer to that question, I'll tell you. Zero, without that I observe you.

    Dirty ole buggers should hang in the window and not disturb young peoples conversations!

  5. Let me tell you one thing. I am younger than you. And what is the result of that fact?!

    I have time, in contrast to you. If ole buggers don't have to do a thing... man, can't you simply disappear?!

    AT LEAST I expect that you don't disturb normal conversations between 3WE and me! Not to mention that you always delete them where you can!
  6. I know that you don't like people who really know something. But if that game is the only thing which you are able to do, then, fine. How long are you online today?

    Ah, I forgot, this is the only game that you are able to play. So let me assume that you have nothing but this website? So you are always here?

    Isn't that a quite boring existence which you have?!
  7. "F*** Brexit." end of the quotation .

    You definitely know where I have written something that was not 100% the same. But I am sure that you had read the complete entry, which included the words
    Marc Bolan
    George Harrison.

    I strongly second the opinion which says aviation and politics do NOT belong into the same forum.

    So, I do not assume that both of us become friends, almost 10 or even more than 10 years are too much.

    But I indeed assume that this platform is big enough so that I do not have to observe all your steps here on jetphotos!

    I know that British newspapers often misunderstand Germany as a bunch of 82 million Hitlers!

    And I think that's the sympathy which is between the two peoples.

    I can live with it, if you can!
  8. The problem is that no-one has a clue what you are talking about in your posts. Trust me, this is not me running a hate campaign. I read and re-read your posts but still I cannot work out what you are trying to say. I asked my fellow crew members, especially the German speaking ones if they understood you and they 100% answered that they did not have a clue either.
  9. Do British men only laugh in the cellar? You are a candidate imho. I prefer the public discourse. You know where you find me.
  10. Concerning Internet limits.... I tried to continue after 'That's ok'. But this platform has a limit to avoid lengthy entries, [at least here in the Visitor messages,] as most of the Internet platforms have that I know. So, cont'd:

    So, what would you say, if I calculated the traffic (which btw I pay for!) that would be appropriate for a smartphone, a comeback of the Star Alliance topic is possible?
    A good bedroom simulator pilot knows the limits of his aircraft, so, I know the limits of a smartphone. Not more than one, two pictures with 'my' resolution: 900p. Man, how time flies. That's more than on a DVD. And I have not always been able to provide that resolution since I am here.

    So, let's be bandwidth friendly.

    But, to be honest, I have never used a smartphone here on JP, not since I am here. Exactly due to bandwidth limits.
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