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  1. That's what friends are for. Survive all those years where finally the younger one learns from somebody who really surprised me with two stabilizer cut off switches. Btw, I have found two of these in a B744 simulator cockpit, but I can say, I've never used them, not since I own Randazzos LH-B744 simulator. Perfect without mcas, since (more than) a whole decade. Dear greetings!
    [This time the system said 'more than 800.000 characters are not allowed'. I'm the last one who would open an entry with only the word 'what' in it ... ]
  2. Hey. Did you remember the day when we per coincidence were online at the same time, in the same topic, which was something like... blabla (one group of jetphotos forum members) against blablub (another 'group' which as far as I remember only consisted of one quite new jetphotos forum member, June 2009 or something like that, he definitely joined us after AF 447...).
    And do you remember what I said back then. You asked, 'well, here we definitely don't have enough moderators.' and I replied 'well, sometimes you have to be it, inofficial if not official.'
    Now somebody does it who if we say AF 447 probably only says 'what?'. That's your fault, my voice for the next moderator was always for you, but you never applied, or did you.
  3. [deleted by the author]
  4. "Now listen: MY visitor messages page is MY visitor messages page. It is in MY public profile and everybody can see it. And I define what I like and what I do not like there."

    Oh boy. You don't wanna end like Little Bob, I can tell you, you would definitely NOT like it.
  5. The date is set. And Bob invented you to show him what you can do on board a professional Boeing 747 simulator? - And you showed him. That's so very cool. Congratulations again.
    So, this one Boeing test pilot must've been right in the year 1969 when he said "She's ridiculously easy to fly." But not because she's very small or very slow. Imho only because Chief Engineer J.F. Sutter has invented an a/c, which today is older than you and me,
    but so perfectly balanced that since almost half a century nobody really needs the a/p or the fmc to fly her. Sutter's invention of his 95 year long life, and I so very much love it.

    And able to cross the High Alps with a pressurized cabin, since 1969. Which is not unimportant, as we see today...
  6. Sometimes I really hate the internet. I just tried to write again a rather lenghthy but good (!) explanation for what happened between us one or two days ago, and then it said "CAPTCHA, show evidence that you are not a robot" after I clicked the "Send" button. Cool, Isn't it?

    So, we'll never know what I've found out. But I think both of us are old enough to look forward. And I know that the internet produces more errors than we have made since we are here.

    Btw, has there happened something at all?
  7. Thank you.
  8. You, beyond the pond, you discovered that Warsaw is not Finland? Wow. I only very very seldom spread requests for online friendship, as you see in my profile.

    But you definitely are qualified. Some people know a little bit about Europe, and some people...

    Very dear greetings to Argentina again.
  9. You don't have to read every word which I write, but...
    Men who I prefer due to their dob, +1: Astor Piazzolla. We've never discussed instruments, or did we..

    Very dear greetings to Argentina and a nice long Pentecost weekend...
  10. So, today you become a dirty old man?

    Well, I really have to think about this, as us divide only less than 7 years...

    Very dear greetings to Buenos Aires, and ...

    Happy Birthday, man.
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