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  1. You never know when you have enough, don't ya.
  2. Let's keep this as a secret. In 2014, it helped.

    In 2016.. Italy was very strong, but nevertheless we won. Do you sometimes watch soccer?
    If you ask me,
    France vs Island was not managed by an English referee. Good decision.
    France vs Germany was more or less managed by an Italian referee. 48 hours after Italy left the championship, against Germany.
    Bad decision.

    But we are naive if we think that in such a championship, the best nation always wins.

    France should've won. But that is not the final result.

    Portugal did not win their first star (soccer world champion), but in 2018, we should pay attention to this
    'economy' goal strategy.

    You've never watched soccer, right. Or did you.
  3. Should two friends of that legend, the 747, argue? I don't think so.

    I just have had a rough guess for the route that you've mentioned... more than 5,900 nmi. So, that's a very good B744 distance (or B748F). In view of the oncoming European soccer championships, I dared to have one thought:
    The PF takes responsibility for safely crossing the pond, and then, isn't there a chance to view one or two goals, on board?
    [In 2014, I already had this thought. And it helped...]


    PS: Do you meet one or two colleagues from Europe when you arrive? You can send greetings back to Europe via one of the fourteen LH-MD11Fs that are currently in the air..
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