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  1. Well I dont own FSX (but FS9), since I can't yet afford a system thats capable to run Vista64b+FSX.. you need not to be millionaire to build such a system. But I don't buy FSX until I own Intel I7-960 with 6 GB RAM, s-ata hdd + 1 GB video card like radeon HD 4890. As I know, simulations are not interesting without addons, and what do you need to run FSX + addons... whoooey. You better include a B744-engine in your pc
    So afaik, FSX has A321 included, so what do you need? What I am lookin for (of course) is a PMDG LH-B744, but I don't know if my old system can run a PMDG LH-B744 doin the touchdown at a busy location like default-KEWR (not to speak of FS9-KEWR-addon, which I need, too). So maybe you tell me your system specs, then I tell you how many FSX-addons you need to make a slide show of your flight simulation.
  2. Hey, sorry to bother you but would you mind telling me some good websites to get some planes for FSX. I've finally got round to reinstalling it as my old install seemed to kill itself.

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