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  1. This forum is - as in the very very old days - still not able to display what I want. And I've still not learned to use the workaround every day. There's one very simple workaround.
    (197 - that always ends in a catastrophy with a smiley that I originally never used! The workaround?

    (1978_). And I know it since I'm here. But I think You know what I mean.

    PS: Dear greetings again. Now Gabriel (as the 2nd online jetphotos friend of mine, of 2 alltogether) only has 1 advantage. I know his home airport. But as I always say, 4000 goals are more important than where you come from! Brazil - Switzerland 1:1. And that's not a joke. If you know who is responsible for that result, not a real wonder. Vladimir Petkovic, the head coach of Switzerland. Even the name says trust me or I'll eat you. And the Swiss team trusts him.
  2. Hi. Do you read/follow all topics where you've ever been present since the last decade?

    For me that's not true. But concerning the CU-B732adv. (Cubana), you've written a good entry. That's also one of my thoughts: if a layman like me is able to exercise certain situations in Randazzo's B744 simulator, why on earth was Randazzo not able to sell his products to Cuba? Both of us know the answer.
    And what can we say about the CU-B732adv.? - She's younger than me, so that shouldn't have been the problem.

    Btw, I thought that you are only a few months younger than Little Bob.. Sorry for that. But age is not really important, is it.
  3. [deleted by the author.]
  4. Excuse me, wow, this seems like a very clean visitor messages section. But I have one question. I don't believe in these words, that have been uttered by this Bobby person:
    "The you be an asshole "

    If you want, I can publish these words. Yes or No, if this Boby baby had mentioned these words in combination with a quotation of one of my sentences, I knew what I had to do.

    I am your partner in this case. We should NOT accept such a behaviour!
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