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  1. Hello again.

    I just wondered how old the youngest Flight Captain on a KL-B744 is. Hopefully, clearly younger than 100. This year is a Dutch year, isn't it?

    100 years in the air, that really makes me take down my (invisible) hat. Even if I take the year when my home airport was founded, 1927, you are earlier.

    92 years vs the 100. Good enough so that 'we' should let survive the 747. And recently I've learned that both of our airlines are able to do that.

    A happy new year!
  2. Hello again.

    I just wondered what Gianluigi Buffon (probably the most prominent man of 1978 in Europe) does this weekend. Even for an old man like me there is a prototype..

    And the Dutch soccer team? Probably we all do the same tomorrow in Italy, in the Netherlands and in Germany, don't we.

    We lie flat on the beach and we wonder, soccer, what? Don't we.

  3. Hello again.

    The question is the same as one year before, where are all those 747s? I've just asked the jp database and it gave me a result:
    Mexico City. Apparently that's not only true for Dutch 747s ...

    It's always very nice to have a "neighbor" who flies the same route.

    Dear greetings to Schiphol.

    PS: Nikolaus is the man of the day (December 6th), in Germany. Don't know how he's called in the Netherlands... Sinterklaas?
  4. Hello (almost) neighbour.

    You never explicitely mentioned the airline which on my home airport stands for Boeing knowledge like almost not another airline on this planet.
    [Since a few hours, I have learned that since we are aviation enthusiasts there existed airlines who operated Boeing-only fleets. Wow.]

    But do you sometimes watch where the KLM 747s are going? Princess Juliana is no longer a KL-B744 destination, and I've learned that,
    of course, here at JP.

    Very dear greetings from your 'almost' neighbour airport.
  5. Today I write another entry on top of my last one? Well, if you don't prevent me from doing that..

    KL is, like LH, not only one of the very few intercontinental airlines, who still operate B744s. KL is more, but promise me, we don't publish that in a German or a Dutch aviation forum, or do we?

    KL is more Boeing friendly than LH. And that is not only logical. Where do LH-B744 pilots learn the Boeing language? Not in a LH-B738, that's for sure.

    But... psst.
  6. Hey mate. I am not able to post in your native language, I only know one or three words in Dutch:
    "Welkom op Schiphol."
    But since I take photos at EDDL (private only), I appreciate KLM. There are only very few airlines left on this planet who still fly the 747. We have to stick together.

    What has happened 14 days ago, Malaysia Airlines again, and a 777, again?!

    My compassion.

    A "neighbour".
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