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  1. HI!

    The LH-B733 and LH-B735 at EDDL are history. Everybody only wants to fly the Buses, you certainly know that from your airline.

    Here are only one or two last men standing for what begun with my birth and what was called "Boeing enthusiasm".

    I dont't know if I can become a friend of the Buses in the next 36 years.

    But I know something for sure.

    Today is your birthday. ENJOY IT!

    Congrats from an old
    Don Johnson - Boeing -
  2. Dear regards to one of our partner airports, LPPT. Well, I wrote my signature so that no one considers me a professional pilot.
    But in another forum, I wrote a sentence in my profile that says, please refer to my interests: aviation & women.
    I think that's it, don't you.
    Who'll be at the mate's airport first, me at LPPT (I've not yet been there), or you at EDDL.
    You can tell me when you're at EDDF or at EDDL...
  3. I haven't been flying much lately.
  4. Oh wow, the real jp oldschool just in one thread...
    I hope that I can be here more often in the year of "my little jubilee". But I don't know if I want to reach your amount of total posts, 1398 in 5 years. Doesn't prevent it you from flying?
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