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Microsoft Flight Simulator - Concept to Reality - 1975 to 2020

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  • LH-B744
    I definitely forgot one very important Flying boat station in South America. Not SBGL Rio Galeao (since 1952), where we nowadays land and t/o, but again the older brother of Rio Galeao:

    SBRJ Rio Santos Dumont Flying boat station, since 1931, so almost as old as my home airport..

    I must really say Thank You to my favorite airline, the Deutsche Lufthansa, which with photo evidence crosses the pond (the Atlantic Ocean) since more than half a century,
    and in the new Year 2021 even since more than 60 years!

    The Hamburg - Düsseldorf - Shannon - NYC route exists since the Lufthansa schedule 1955.

    A/c type, with four engines, and I hadn't known something with less than four engines for the Atlantic route when I was a little boy, either the DC-8 "the fast smoker", or since 1971, the brandnew Boeing 747-200.

    But as with the 314, here on this side of the Ocean it also began with big four engined long haul propellers, in case of my favorite airline and the Shannon route
    with type L-1049 Super Constellation long haul propellers.

    Range, since the inauguration flight 1951?
    4,480 nautical miles, nonstop!

    An Iberia Super Connie here at Lohausen International, in July 1964 (!):

    Photographer is known by name, Mr. R. M. And I like to say Thank You!
    What a brilliant shot.

    That's aviation history! More than 56 year old photos here from my home airport. Back then when my father was (much) younger than me today.
    Gimme more of that!

    PS: Two institutions who live from the other and together with the other, since, as I would have said, at least when I was born, but that is really only the half of the truth:
    Iberia International, est. June 1927
    Lohausen Intl., open for the public since April 1927.
    I just imagine two 90 year old boys, flyin away hand in hand. A fascinating picture.
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  • LH-B744
    Originally posted by Doering View Post
    Working on a detailed video series about Flight Simulator history. Here is the trailer:
    Historic Flights for you begin with the year 1975? Harr. Gabriel, he does not know how young we both are!

    Only a few months ago I got a message from my weather provider, which is FS Global (or fsgrw for insiders). They decided to follow Flight Captain Randazzo, and make another very famous Boeing aircraft ready for flight simulators.

    Oh, only for registered customers only. Ok. But also only for the Lockheed prepar3d simulator, which I've never owned until today. I am fsx, since more than one decade (!)
    and together with Flight Captain Randazzo, je ne regret rien, I've never regretted it.

    The Boeing B314 flying boat (only for registered pilots, and prepar3d only). Sadly enough, not for fsx. Because then, I would not only own it already, but very probably also have flown it, with at least one fsx picture here for all of us.

    The B314. Inauguration flight in June, 1938. Which if you look at the following pictures in my eyes is a very early predecessor of my avatar, the Boeing 747. Both types, 314 and 747 have more than only one thing in common:
    Both types with four engines, both types with a high cockpit, above the 1L door, and both types fully equipped for the long haul (!) . >>

    B314 Flying boat for the long haul, range: 3,200 nautical miles easily. Which is a distance not for all 737 jet pilots! Rather for type B752 and 753.

    Equipped for the 3,200 nautical miles long haul, back then in 1938. In a four engined Boeing, without front gear and without main gear, without a gear at all! When I read the 314 description for the first time, I thought, ok, that definitely is a difference.
    For the 314 Flying boat, you always need the Ocean, or at least a rather huge amount of water, for landing and also for t/o . No gear. The 314 really is a Flying boat which belongs into the water, and only for t/o and landing she leaves the wet element.

    Thus, here at my home airport we have never seen a 314 Flying boat, although my home airport is old enough (soon 95 years old).

    Flying boat stations existed not everywhere on this planet: LPPT Lisboa, Baltimore (USA), Southampton (UK), San Diego, NYC La Guardia Flying Boat station (!), San Francisco, Honolulu, ...

    A few hours after I read the spec sheet for the B314, I had a dream (!) .

    Imagine, my avatar, the 747-400, is cruising at alt 12,000, and the 314 at 11,000. That would have caused jetphotos of a quality which only Qantas published here during the Goodbye procedure of their famous long haul workhorse, the QF-B744ER...
    All the 1L doors open on both Flight Levels, for all the photographers...

    Yes. But for such a scenario, the worldwide era of the Flying boats ended too early. Between Auckland and Tahiti, on the so called Korallen Route (3,230 nautical miles), the last Flying Boat left the sky in the year 1960. Nine or ten years too early for the Lufthansa 747.

    Now, that's what I understand with Aviation history, Mr Doering.
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  • Gabriel
    Nice! I will be waiting for it!

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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator - Concept to Reality - 1975 to 2020

    Working on a detailed video series about Flight Simulator history. Here is the trailer: