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  • LH-B744
    Well. That was a rather long stay beyond the pond. I just wonder how long the law allows LH-B744 pilots to stay in the USA. Not for so very long. But this is the simulator section of our beloved jetphotos platform, and since I started this topic 7 days after the New Year 2021, I thought, why fly back. Basically also, because here in Germany there was not so very much to do since January.

    But now I have found my simulator flight back to Germany. And I just wonder if I am able to remember all the flights in between. Let me see.
    LH #418 FRA - IAD, and I always use the most beautiful bird on Earth to cross the pond, Randazzo's LH-B744 simulator (fsx).

    Then I thought it would be nice to again visit the airport where the movie 'Con Air' (1995) was filmed. In the movie, they call it 'Learner airfield', but that is a real airport, in Wendover UT .

    But how to get there from IAD. I thought, Star Alliance is good for almost everything. So. IAD - ORD, and that is where I started this topic. Battleship Grey . Then ORD - SLC . Which is not a problem with a UA-B744, if you know how to handle "the hills" that surround SLC..

    Then SLC - ENV. Which for I remembered the three a/c types which I prefer in fsx. Beech Baron 58, but I thought, without pressurization that's not really fun, on an airport which is as high
    as ENV.. 4237 AMSL . And for the 747, ENV is too short. At least that's what I would say...
    So, I used the Beech B350 twin turbopropeller. Who worked like a charm.

    Then ENV - GCN, again with the B350. Although I know at least one man, who visited GCN on board a 747. But afaik, he did not start at ENV.
    And for GCN, I like to open a new topic soon. That airport really deserves an own new topic.
    Then GCN - SLC (Beech B350).

    And then I thought it could be time to return home to Germany. And there is a direct flight SLC - IAD, which afaik today is operated by Delta. But I don't own the Delta livery for
    Randazzo's 744 simulator, so what did I do.
    NW-B744 , in NorthWest bronze colors. You do not believe me? Ha, you don't know how old I am.

    And I have new material. Only 3 new pictures today for this topic, so that the internet will not collapse when in the next 5 minutes 10 people try to watch this topic.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jetphotos Upload 037.jpg
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ID:	1115760
    NW-B744, from SLC to IAD. Here it is. The a/c reg btw is N675NW. What an incredibly beautiful bird.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jetphotos Upload 038.jpg
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ID:	1115761
    Then the arrival at IAD. And I took some time to find out that KLM and NWA could have shared one parking position at IAD. That's the result.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jetphotos Upload 039.jpg
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Size:	881.5 KB
ID:	1115762
    And finally LH #419. Ab nach Hause, we say here in Germany. But it was a nice and long stay in the USA, to celebrate
    the 46. President of the United States, Mr Joe Biden.
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-05-16, 03:04. Reason: Ab nach Hause. But it was very nice.

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  • LH-B744
    Back at Dulles International airport (fsx) again. I have new material. The seasons have changed. And if you ask me, even in winter this is a very good airport.

    But what this International airport really is good for, you see if you take pictures in spring. Back at KIAD, from KOXB near the Atlantic Ocean, a/c type BE58 (Beech Baron 58_):

    KIAD fsx continued 02 . Deleted by the author, due to internet traffic reasons.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Jetphotos Upload 036.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.03 MB ID:	1112848
    KIAD fsx continued 03. This is what I mean. Someone has really tried hard so that these trees look like spring.
    A real recommendation if you need KIAD for fsx!
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  • KIAD fsx - and if you like also KIAD xplane and KIAD prepar3d

    So. Long ago that I have opened a new topic here for only one picture, but you can see this as an invitation. If you fly one of the above mentioned simulator platforms,
    and since today I know at least one jetphotos member who does,

    we should post let's say one picture for one pilot, as a beginning. Youtube videos are easier, because that does not cause traffic here on the jetphotos servers.
    And for msfs 2020 pilots, if there really are some on planet Earth (?),
    we have the well known msfs 2020 topic here. Until now, still without one msfs2020 picture.

    So, one picture per pilot here in this topic, let's see. If you have two pictures, I assume that would not cause mayhem on the jp servers.
    Or a nice KIAD xplane youtube video? That's the East Coast, I know. But my avatar is also good for the West Coast, just be patient..

    I have new material.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Jetphotos Upload 030.jpg Views:	0 Size:	975.6 KB ID:	1106602
    KIAD fsx 01 - So, what do I use. Fsx apparently, but not the wall which is presented to you when you use KIAD fsx without a little help from friends. Flight Beam in this case turns the wall into something which really looks like Dulles International. Great work, and you haven't yet seen it in the dusk.. Fsgrw as always is my weather provider and the aircraft is...
    Randazzo's historic UA-B744, here the N118UA, in the only UA livery which I still find sexy until today. Battleship Grey, the official name is, with nightblue pinstripes.