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  • LH-B744
    The Swissair.
    Member in the 747 club between 1971 and 2000. The Swiss today would be the second German speaking Gold member in the 747 club (since 50 years or more),
    if they hadn't sold all their 747-257B and 747-357. And what they bought instead was not such a big success, the SR-MD11 ...... .............

    And it is not only me who does not quite understand this step, to sell the bigger B743 (length 70,60 m) for the much much smaller MD11 (61,2 m). Flight Captain RSR has provided me with something like a Swiss 747 future. So either it was his wet dream,
    or the wet dream of a Swiss Boeing 747 lover, who told Randazzo, man, we really shouldn't have sold the Swiss B747 fleet:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Jetphotos Upload 048.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.09 MB ID:	1129842

    This bird is called the HB-IGK, a/c type Boeing 747-800, LSZH rwy 34. Nickname LX-B748. And I have to repeat myself, it wasn't my wet p3dv4 dream.
    But very very nice.


    My software: Lockheed Prepar3d 4.5, Randazzo Boeing 747-400 p3d4.5, Randazzo Boeing 747-800 p3d4.5, and ... Orbx Global Base Pack p3dv4 ,
    to be soon extended with Orbx Vector
    (if my telephone line again survives such a Gigabyte orgy..).
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  • LH-B744
    I only very rarely try to write three forum entries in the same topic within 12 hours and without that Alex has given me back his very best wishes for the rest of 2021.

    But in this case, it might again be interesting for you, Alex. And I promise you, Alex, this is my last forum entry for this year in this topic, when you don't publish at least a short message here, e.g. '?' . Which is a short message, often used here on this forum, between ATLcrew and me.

    Since I operate the Randazzo Operations Center v2 in combination with p3dv4, I know that Randazzo also provides fictional liveries for his Boeing 747-800 passage version.

    Among these fictional 747-800 liveries, there is one where upon I at once was thinking of you, Alex. Here is the prototype for that fictional 747-800 livery:

    LX-B748 does not (yet) exist in aviation history. But Swissair indeed has a 747 history. In 1998, with this incredibly beautiful Swiss 747-300. I don't know why somewhen after 1998,
    the Swiss 747 story found an end.

    This landing angle, this red tailfin, the Swiss cavallino rapante [...].
    On a 747-800, available for p3dv4. I swear, today or tomorrow (December 24), I'll try to copy this jetphoto with my p3dv4. Although, there is nothing as good as the Original, and
    the Original jetphoto was taken in August 1998. So, we had to wait until next August, theoretically, if there were no flight simulators with a free choice of the season...

    Nochmal eine recht schöne Bescherung uns allen, auch @ Switzerland.

    PS: Eines wäre mir noch nützlich, welche Landebahn in Zürich hat der Kollege im jetphoto da damals benützt?

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  • LH-B744
    Ahm. Did I forget my very best wishes.. how could I..

    Fröhliche Weihnachten!

    Merry Christmas. Buon natale da Genova Sestri (SES 108.60). Joyeux Noel en France!
    I'm not (yet) fluent in five languages, so, Erwin, what do you say at Schiphol. Vrolijk kerstfeest.

    All the very best for the rest of 2021. Baci d'Alitalia, although that airline does no longer exist since October 2021 (!), here a jetphoto of the happier days in Italian aviation. And, as I provide that weblink, you can be sure that a 747 is in it.

    Baci da Alitalia, Baci dall'Italia. This almost 25 year old jetphoto is one of the reasons why I love the nightblue color so very much, especially on a 747 tailfin....

    Baci, e Buon Natale, a Roma, a Genova, a Malpensa, e a Sao Paulo (!) .

    And now back on topic.

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  • LH-B744
    Originally posted by Alex - Spot-This ! View Post
    You seem to forget that people looking for realistic flying use X-Plane .....
    Harr. Young men (younger than me) often talk about themselves, don't ya? A few minutes ago, again I had an online conversation with Mr. Wellige and Mr. Kok (of Aerosoft). And during that conversation, I perceived alot of facts:
    1. Among my namesakes, i.e. men with the same first name, I am the second oldest (!). At least when it comes to rather young German TV hosts. Only Aminati (*1973) is older than me...
    And even here on this international platform, only Gabriel is older than the two of us... And I still love the fact that I am the older one between you and me..
    Soon 44 years,
    we better are prepar3d for it, but I still hope that so many things don't change from 43 to 44.

    2. There is a quite famous man who again is rather on my side than on your side. His name is Flight Captain Robert S. Randazzo. If you ask him, X-Plane is nothing. He only provides his
    Boeing 747-800 for p3dv4.

    Not for msfs 2020, not for fsx (!), not for xp11. Randazzo is p3dv4 and p3dv5 only. He is the only reason why today I operate two simulator platforms on one computer,
    fsx, still, since the year 2010, because in my eyes that still is one of the most convincing simulator versions of my home airport: Aerosoft EDDL Lohausen International fsx (Mega Airport EDDL),
    with a running SkyTrain, with the Hotel at P2/P3, with the U79 trains at Lohausen (!), with the S11 S-Bahn Tunnel trains, with the (now closed) visitor deck (dt.: Besucherterrasse)
    at the ICE airport train station (long haul trains, dt.: Düsseldorf Flughafen Fernbahnhof), with long haul trains at the ICE airport train station, ....
    p3dv4.5, since the year 2021, only due to two facts: 1. my Intel i5 cpu is (by far) not fast enough for msfs 2020.

    And 2. Randazzo sells his LH-B748 for p3d4 and p3dv5, only.

    The Electronic Flight Bag in his LH-B748 is a little question for me. Apparently, that only works when I'm online with my p3d. But that issue seems to be solved, since I use a slightly altered hardware configuration: 16 GB Corsair RAM in three dual channel modules (2 x 4 GB Corsair on Channel A,
    together as a Dual Channel with 1 x 8 GB Corsair on Channel B), Intel i5-2500k,
    the rest Brian knows already since years..

    Since I doubled the Corsair, I'm again able to write jetphotos forum entries when I'm in the air, either with p3dv4 or with fsx. I'm prepar3d again.

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  • Alex - Spot-This !
    You seem to forget that people looking for realistic flying use X-Plane .....

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  • LH-B744
    What for do we need p3dv4.5? - Well, recently I had a very friendly discussion with a man from Vienna. Who - of course - again asked me the same old question.

    Why do you operate p3dv4, and not p3dv5? - And, after I had admired him for his wonderful first name, I told him that my video card only provides 2 GB video memory, and this rather classic AMD Radeon HD card is restricted to DirectX11 . End of the discussion, I am not (yet) p3dv5 ready (you need DirectX12 for v5).

    But I also told him, that in my eyes DirectX11 is not so bad. Otherwise I wouldn't have started this topic with a DirectX11 picture.

    What for do we need p3dv4, part II. Flight Captain R.S.R. could probably write books about that topic. One of the best reasons to join the p3dv4 community:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jetphotos Upload 045.jpg
Views:	54
Size:	1,020.6 KB
ID:	1128665
    Better night lighting on the airports, better cockpit lighting than in the previous versions, and finally the -800 with a degree of realism which first of all shocked me a little bit.
    Die Lufthansa grüßt Hamburg. On this short winter excursion from LPPT to EDDH (both default p3dv4), December 5th 2021 .

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jetphotos Upload 046.jpg
Views:	38
Size:	878.3 KB
ID:	1128666
    We'll soon be prepar3d for the next arrivals during this short winter excursion. Hamburg feeds us for Lohausen Intl (EDDL), then Vienna, and finally Rhein/Main. And then I'll take her
    to the long haul, for what she's definitely been made for.

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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Prepar3d


    What for do you need prepar3d. That was one question which I had in my mind since.... I could say now since 2010. That was the year when p3dv1 was published. That probably is a little bit too much.

    But let's say, since the year 2014, I wondered what this shiny new simulator would be good for. P3dv2 was the best version you could buy in that year.

    I own the Mega Airport Düsseldorf, on DVD (!). I know, I become old and older.. But this thing is good for fsx and, without that you have to say a word, also for p3dv1. The only thing which I have to telephone about with the support crew of Mega Airport Düsseldorf is,
    that is such a nice program. Where is the update for p3dv4?
    Without that I use my telephone, that p3dv1 program is running rather bad than good here on my machine. The three terminal buildings and the big arrival building do exist, also with v4.
    The Sky Train is missing with v4, and
    the so very brilliant ground textures are also not there where they are in fsx.

    But I have to compliment the Mega Airport Düsseldorf crew. Where else can you take a seven year old DVD from your shelf, and it works at once, on a platform which has only been invented
    three years later (2017).

    So, for a moment, I'll operate two simulator platforms, fsx and prepar3d . And I have learned, that this is rather harmless. Out there, there seem to be a few people who operate
    fs9, fsx, prepar3d and.. the new msfs 2020, all simultaneously.

    Back on topic. I am very very new in the prepar3d business, but if you ask me, what for do you need prepar3d, I have found at least one answer:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jetphotos Upload 042.jpg
Views:	343
Size:	1.50 MB
ID:	1125658
    This is the Rockwell Commander 114 propeller aircraft, p3dv4 in DirectX11 mode (normal mode).

    I must say, my machine (computer) is not fast enough for msfs 2020. But DirectX11 is feasible. And the fps in my screens are always top left ...