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  • The hardware discussion.

    Well. I know that something like that has happened here before. Brian probably knows that we've discussed something like that here before. But as far as I remember
    never under this topic, under the pure hardware topic. You name the hardware device (video card, cpu, motherboard, Ram, illuminated keyboards, illuminated cases, illuminated cooling systems,
    and much much more...), and we discuss it.

    And I have at least one or two quite fresh issues to begin with.

    The video card. Give me a minute to see if I don't have a picture which shows my problem. Ah, let's take this one.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Jetphotos Upload 073.jpg Views:	0 Size:	983.8 KB ID:	1145375
    ..No, I can't really let this picture alone without sayin something about the colors. Since today I know, that I am not alone when I say there is only one valid Lufthansa nightblue,
    and there is that one too dark nightblue.
    In my eyes it is very brilliant that the Original 1978 LH nightblue on the tailfin of my favorite a/c type of all times
    still exists today (on the D-ABVW for example).

    So, I should probably be able to combine my avatar with p3dv4.5 , which I haven't tried yet so far.

    Now my problem, which I have tried to identify it as a video card problem.

    In the upper left corner I always show the frames per second which I achieve with my p3dv4.5 . At a first glance that seems not so bad. But I have stutters, also known as micro stutters,
    very short interruptions.

    My cpu is good enough for 50-54% cpu usage when the picture above was made (1080p) . And also Ram should suffice, if 16 GB are enough for p3dv4.5 .

    I more oftenly should listen to what Randazzo recommends: not much less than a 4 GB video card.

    The p3v4.5 picture above was made on my rather antique 2 GB video card. So I am a little bit proud on that picture.

    Do I need a "monster video card" to remove the micro stutters from my p3dv4.5 performance?
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