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    Well, about time lufthansa opens a 747 route to SCEL, lufthansa was the airline of choice every time i went to europe, and if they open a 747 route over here, i will finally have an excuse to fly back to europe
    Also, the flight sim you use is Prepar3d? (i have no idea of the name of it)

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  • LH-B744
    As I said, I'm not able to come up with RFS pictures, as I don't fly on my telephone.

    But to give you an idea how my simulator looks like today, let me start with a new picture, January 2024. As always, first published here at jetphotos, and nowhere else (!).

    Me and my Beech B200 by night. The airport? Ahm, not mentioned in my #5 entry here, but an iconic airport, /w international and intercontinental aviation.
    Ask Joe Biden in case of a doubt.
    Click image for larger version

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  • LH-B744
    Hm. Now, should I be scared, as probably by far the oldest man in a group together with two young pilots?

    No, I don't think so. I rather love it. The threadstarter and I do NOT share the same continent, an ocean between us,
    and I just don't know if my avatar today makes a connection between him and me. I don't know the LH winter long haul schedule February 2024 by heart.

    But I don't think that until the end of February 2024, a LH-B744 will operate the SCEL Santiago de Chile route.

    Btw, I've never heard of something like RFS until today. But I could give you a long list of airports. Most of the time, e.g. in p3dv4.5, alot of airports are included,
    but not in a way which makes me smile. Thus, I have a tool to correct all p3dv4.5 airports who don't make me smile.

    Nevertheless, a rather short (!) airport list, by me, who (due to system change) soon again will operate Randazzos B744 (p3dv4.5),
    together with a Beech B200 (e.g. for SBRJ):
    SCEL - Santiago de Chile
    SAEZ - Buenos Aires Ezeiza
    SBGL - Rio Galeao
    SBRJ - Rio Santos Dumont (B200)
    SBBR - Brasilia Intl
    SBGR - Guarulhos Intl
    MPTO - Panama City Intl
    SKBO - Bogota El Dorado
    SKCG - Cartagena (B200)
    MMMX - Mexico City Intl
    KPHX - Phoenix Sky Harbor
    KLAX - Los Angeles
    KSFO - San Francisco
    KSEA - Seattle WA Intl
    KPDX - Portland OR Intl
    CYVR - Vancouver
    PANC - Anchorage Ted Stevens Intl
    KAUS - Austin-Bergstrom
    what I'm definitely missing in my simulator is a good version, especially incl good night lighting (!) of
    KDEN - Denver .
    But I know where I'd buy that.

    More? Most of the time, US airports are underrepresentated when I begin a list of airports, but that's something which you should discuss with the Lufthansa section for
    LH-B744 schedules...

    PS: As I understand RFS, that's a thing which you play on your telephone (?!). And although you have only a nasty tiny screen without yoke, without
    throttle quadrant, without pedals, it is not available for zero dollars?
    4,- Euro for 4 weeks, thats 1,- per week or 52,- Euro for one year.
    160,- for 3 years?
    That's nothing which I'm interested in.
    Because p3dv4.5 academic license today February 2024 is available for 59.95 US-Dollar, once, a lifetime license without (monthly) surcharge.

    This airport list by me is for free, also without monthly surcharge.

    Btw, do you have RFS pictures? Nevertheless, I'm curious...
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2024-02-13, 02:05. Reason: I prefer my lifetime license.

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  • Ethan Hermawan
    Originally posted by TRTPUwU View Post
    what liveries did you make?
    I have made 200+ liveries primarily of Japanese and Canadian Carriers, as well as most of the China Southern liveries ingame. I've stopped a while ago due to being busy irl but I may come back to RFS if they can push out more consistently made (not too many major bugs) updates

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    Thank you for your opinion, and yeah, RFS has changed a lot, we do not need 50 new airports, but abrework on the existing ones, and it has many bugs, as you said, but the new follow-me car has A LOT , also, what liveries did you make?

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  • Ethan Hermawan
    This is my RFS rant, so please brace yourselves.

    RFS is a pretty good flight simulator for mobile in general. Realistic rain, snow, and (recently added) sounds. Also it has more frequent updates than its main competitor, Infinite Flight. Good livery choices, decent models and a pretty decent weather simulation system too.

    Where RFS falls short is quality control: some planes like the A380 are absolutely gorgeous (custom fanblades, custom sounds and a nicely-modelled plane in general) while some like the A330neo and 747-8 are just screwed up (broken winglets for the A339 and distorted-looking belly for the 74.

    Also, it seems that the devs have an urge to screw something up each update. It just seems that every plane they model has to have a major flaw of its own, like the 777-200 with the massive nose gear door and the 737 max with its extremely-high ground clearance. Whereas in Infinite Flight, despite the long updates (and lower quality recently, for example they've been recycling sounds more and more) their models are almost PERFECT.

    RFS has many "HD" airports but I feel that most of them don't properly represent the real thing because custom towers and buildings are non-existent for the most part - only some airports like Dubai and Seoul have proper custom buildings. Moreover, the performance at most HD airports are poorly optimised (i am only getting 23~25 fps on RFS, while in Aerofly I am getting around 50 despite the airports being BY FAR more detailed).

    The biggest turnoff for me is actually the multiplayer and community. Back in 2020 the community was actually great, especially with everyone trying to help each other via the Discord server. But now it just seems so toxic, and the multiplayer scene is by far one of the most unprofessional in the flightsim world - it's like they don't even try to be professional at all (even on the highest grade server). I was an official livery maker for Rortos and active player for 3 years so I know my way around the community. To get an idea of how the people in their servers act, here is an example.

    me: *mentions that a new livery has been made*
    some random guy: "who asked?" then proceeds to delete his message all while blaming me of falsely accusing him of being rude

    That's the RFS experience for you. Had PRO version for both RFS and IF, so this is an unbiased rant.

    Also here to ask cassually what is the best 1,5 hour route and aircraft for multiplayer.
    Any flight within Japan is great, no matter how short or long. My personal favorite is Tokyo to Fukkuoka, ANA 787-8 or 777-200 (made the liveries on both of these)

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    started a topic Opinions in new aditions in RFS

    Opinions in new aditions in RFS

    RFS (real-flight-simulator) is a mobile flight sim. that recently had a lot of major updates, adding over 200 new HD airports and multiple aircraft.

    I have come here to ask , in your opinion, what aircraft/airports should be added next.

    Also here to ask cassually what is the best 1,5 hour route and aircraft for multiplayer. Click image for larger version

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