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  • Originally posted by pkonowrocki
    As requested Screenshots are to be edited and posted no later than this weekend
    Copy that. Awesome.

    If you can't fly your own, just simply enjoy others screenshots.

    Im really looking forward to it.
    Inactive from May 1 2009.


    • I am planning to do: LOT Boeing 767-300 Warsaw -> New Dehli -> Warsaw
      And LOT Boeing 767-300 Warsaw -> Beijing -> Warsaw
      Both on Level-D

      Also I will be doing a Centralwings flight and I'll post the promised SAS shots


      • It's soo cold and ugly here in Toronto so.....

        ...I'm back to Italy ! Woohooooo !!!

        Doing an Alitalia Md-80 flight from Rome to Palermo


        • Going back home.. CX907 VHHH - RPLL B773

          Next Flights:
          BR211 RCTP - VTBD B77W
          NH8 RJAA - KSFO B77W
          -Zeypi / CX777 - Cathay Pacific VA Junior First Officer

          Next Flights: FS2004
          EK332 DXB - MNL B77W
          NH001 IAD - NRT B77W
          NH007 SFO - NRT B77W
          NH009 JFK - NRT B77W
          NH011 ORD - NRT B77W


          • Two flight:

            Centralwings 737 Warsaw -> Palermo -> Warsaw
            Centralwings 737 Warsaw -> Kos -> Warsaw


            • Long time since my last FS session

              Today San Josť - Vancouver on Level D 767 with P4-MES livery



              • Originally posted by meneses24
                Long time since my last FS session

                Today San Josť - Vancouver on Level D 767 with P4-MES livery

                Where did you get that repaint from ?


                • Originally posted by Sam at MAN
                  Where did you get that repaint from ?

                  Here you go Sam


                  • LOL Roman Abramovich's private 763

                    Centralwings Boeing 737-400 Warsaw -> Lisbon


                    • PA day in school tomoro so time for a long flight.

                      CentralWings Boeing 737-400

                      Warsaw --> La Palma --> St. Maarteen

                      estimated time: approx 15 hours


                      • Aeroflot Boeing 767-300

                        Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE) [Russia] ---> Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) [Canada]

                        Approx time: 11 hours
                        Cruising altitude: 38000ft


                        • Malta-Reggio Calabria
                          30 minutes
                          Airbus A320, full pax load, 35% fuel load.
                          Alt 21,000 feet

                          This is a real route flown by KM and the landing at Reggio is strictly in the hands of the Captain as it is a non-standard approach if Runway 33 is in use.

                          There are hills along the approach to this runway, meaning you either have to literally nose-dive the plane if you're going straight in, or use a steeper approach in a curve from the South.

                          Best of all worlds - you leave from Europe's longest runway (Luqa 32-14), very short (boring) cruise phase, then get a tricky landing in a runway that can just manage an A320...


                          • Yaaaayyyy weekend
                            One flight right now:

                            Condor/Thomas Cook Boeing 767-300 Dusseldorf -> Ibiza
                            edit: Done


                            • Wooohooooo Christmass Break !!!!!!

                              Finnair McDonnell Douglas MD-11 New York -> Helsinki (12 hours)


                              • current flight

                                Cathay Pacific CX 829

                                route CYYZ-VHHH

                                a/c 747-400 PMDG

                                flight time 15hr 45min

                                elapsed 2hr 5min

                                remaining 13hr 40min

                                current position 145nm east BOPAP

                                heading 300

                                speed 300kts M .849

                                altitude 35000 feet

                                wind 269/34 (head wind component 27kts)

                                fuel remaining 127.5 ton

                                fuel on arrival 17.9 ton

                                had to divert to NARITA due fuel reasons. headwinds were reaching 150kts over the bering straight and chewing through my fuel load.

                                current position 273nm NW of NANAC heading 151.

                                altitude 39000 feet
                                speed 254kts M.846
                                estimate NARITA in 1hr 15min
                                Last edited by Longreach747; 2006-12-27, 07:47.

                                next trips
                                USA/DXB August.