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  • Originally posted by screaming_emu
    eat me
    Careful Joe, he'd probably take you up on that offer.


    • Hi Y'all, I was flying In Saudia then to India in past week. I flew Saudia 777 to Mumbai. I flew Jet Airways 737-700 all over in India. See some my pictures.

      Jet Airways 737-700 BOM-UDR

      UDR-JAI AI traffic took off my plane is awaiting for Jaipur flight.

      UDR-JAI AI Traffic leaving airport nice view background.

      Yesterday, I flew DEL-IDR-BHO. I arrived Bhopal and saw I thought it was funny. I laughed that someone must be spilled fresh yellow paint on the taxiway. LOL! They can't clean it up too late too hot and dry up faster! Oh well!




      • Originally posted by screaming_emu
        eat me
        Only if served with a chili souce


        • Just completed LIMC-LICJ on AZA MD-80. Duration about 2 hrs.

          Departed Milan at 3:30pm local. Vis. less than 2 miles

          Arrived at Palermo at 5:30pm local. Visual rwy 25.

          I will try my best to post a screenshot thread later tonight.


          • Hey, nice picture. I flew AZ MD88 a few weeks ago in Italy a few trips. Maybe I flew on the same ID tail that you flew on it. LOL! MD88 is great to fly!


            PS - I'm going to fly dangerous approach to Leh, India which is highest elevation airport and terrain mountains. I will post soon later when I'm done that flight.


            • This forum needs some elegant planes, besides those boring fat cows.

              Test flight off the repaint hangar ...

              Res Severa Verum Gaudium


              • Hi Y'all, I flew to Leh, India on Jet Airways 737-700. Leh is the highest airport in the world. Dangerous approach due high terrain mountains. So I made it. LOL!

                Here are some pictures.

                Ready to board for Leh flight in the early morning flight.

                AI traffic Air India 747 took off background beautiful moon is down under earth.

                Climbing and crusing to Leh in sunrise morning.

                Approaching to Leh I had to be careful with these terrain mountains.

                Almost to land in a few minutes before I set flaps and gears down.

                There is go ready to visual landing no ILS. I had to manually landing.

                737-700 coming down to the runway at Leh airport.

                737-700 just parked gate and see background an Air Force C-17 Globalmaster II.

                Landing rolling down with some thin snowy covered runway.

                See the small plane. I have no idea what type the plane it is? Can you tell me this please?

                Return to Delhi foggy landing from Leh trip. The ILS is help to guide me to landing perfectly.

                I flew on Boeing 737-800 Jet Airways from Delhi to Kathmanudu, Nepal. It was bad ATC guide me too high approach and I had go around and made to landed. What ATC dumb? Oh well...

                Two AI traffic 767 and 757 pushing back out of Kathmandu.

                Returning to Delhi with beauitful moon rise above the earth.

                The sun is down while to Delhi. I have trouble to see toward. I had to put sunglasses on! LOL! Just kidding PC doesn't affect me.

                Smoggy landing at early evening arrived Delhi.

                That's all about my trip adventure in India. Now, I'm in Singapore just flew from Mumbai to Singapore on a B777 Singapore Airlines.

                Enjoy flying,



                • I just finished another one earlier this morning:

                  KDRO-KFTG (Beechcraft King Air 350)

                  Also, sorta off-topic, but it's been several years since I last took screen shots on Windows, so can anyone give me a quick tutorial on how to do it on XP so I can eventually take screen shots of my flights when I eventually get online? Any help would be appreciated!


                  • So far, my most recent full flight was PDX-FRA with LH (Flight LH469 but instead of an A343, I used a 747).

                    After that, it's been just tweaking, along with testflying the new TU-154M, which requires practice since I haven't flown a TU-154 at all in a long time.

                    Hopefully one of these days I can get fully back, and do a full TU-154 or even a 727 flight.
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                    • At FL410, heading towards Hong Kong (VHHH), as United 837 Heavy from LAX.

                      Returning flight will probably be on Cathay Cargo via Anchorage.


                      • I took the QW 757 for a spin today, but even though I try to be reasonable with the trim, after takeoff it keeps pitching up, even though I want it to hold a 15 nose up attitude after positive rate. Anyway, I did a small vid of my latest attempt, another one of my currently short FS flights.

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                        • Ah, just finished a nice transcon: SFO-JFK in a UA 767. Sorry no pics, I don't know how to make screenshots.


                          • LMML (Luqa, Malta) to LICJ (Punta Raisi) with an Northrop F-5 Tiger....


                            • I just got done with a somewhat lengthy "hop" in the C208B a little while ago:

                              Originating: KLMT (Klamath Falls,Or.)

                              Destination: KGJT (Grand Junction)

                              FL: 200

                              flight time: a little over 4 hours-
                              left KLMT @4:45 AM PDT
                              arrived [email protected] 10:00 MDT (times approximate)

                              Later today when I get home, I'm gonna fly her back to the "home base" at KAPA!


                              • With a long weekend just finished, I went a little mad with Flight Simulator for a lot of it, making a good few long haul flights and leaving them going whilst I slept and went out and enjoyed myself. I even managed a flight from London to Melbourne. A first for me! The flights between Thursday evening and Monday were:

                                London (LHR) to Hong Kong (HKG) / Qantas 747-400
                                Hong Kong (HKG) to Melbourne (MEL) / Qantas 747-400
                                Seoul (ICN) to Guam (GUM) / Korean Air 777-200
                                London (LHR) to Toronto (YYZ) / British Airways 777-200
                                London (LHR) to Manchester (MAN) / British Airways A321
                                Hong Kong (HKG) to Seoul (ICN) / Korean Air 777-200

                                All flights were made using aircraft by Overland/Simmer's Sky. I have to say, their 777 is by favourite aircraft to fly at the moment.