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  • London heathrow-london city
    airbus a380

    try landing that m****r f****r at that airport !


    • No offence to "gazpodel" but i think you take Flight Sim a little to seriously !

      I think you need to get out a little more (im not trying to offend you)

      Flight Sim & "Virtual Spotting" on the internet.....

      Today is the first time ive been on FS for about a year.
      Bored of it.


      • @ crazy chicken - LOL


        • just about to do (if i have it) jetstar A320 Perth-Darwin-Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane-Auckland-Wellington-Cristchurch-Sydney if not i will use a qantas 737 400 (if i have it)


          • turns out i am using an iran air A300


            • just finished, about to do some BA A320 circuits at cardiff airport


              • My completed flights:

                KFTG-KBFF - Cessna Caravan 208
                KBFF-KPUB - C208
                KEWR-KROC - King Air 350
                KROC-KSDF - K350
                KSDF-KICT - K350
                KICT-KFTG - K350
                KSAN-KLMT - K350
                KLMT-KSBP - K350
                KSBP-KBOI - K350
                KBOI-KMSP - K350
                KPNS-KMIA - K350
                KMIA-KTTN - Beechcraft Starship 2000
                KTTN-KCLE - Starship 2000
                KCLE-KTPA- Starship 2000
                KTPA-KFTG - Starship 2000
                KFTG-KELP - K350
                KELP-KSAN - K350
                MMLT-KSAN - Baron 58
                KSAN-KPHX - B58
                KPHX-KMTJ - B58
                KMTJ-KFTG - B58
                KFTG-KLBF - B58
                KLBF-KLSE - B58

                SCEL-SCTE - DHC-6 Twin Otter
                SCTE-SCRG - DHC6

                MMSD-MMLT - Embraer 712 Tupi
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                • Md-90 jas

                  Greetings fellow flight simmers,

                  Today I am flying EGLL to CYYZ in an MD-90 JAS reg. JA8070. We are cruising at an altitude of 46,500 feet. With IAS about 478 kts = 885 km/h.

                  I absolutely did nothing to this aircraft since I downloaded, but only made some modifications to the panel and I'm not sure why it flies higher and faster than all of my other Flight Simulator Aircraft.


                  Flight Deck Screenie

                  Exterior view at 46,500 feet


                  • just finished flying the following

                    LHR-HNL virgin atlantic A340 300
                    NCL-EWR Continental Airlines 757 300
                    FRA-ORD Lufthansa A340 300 (6 go arounds at ORD and made a risky diversion to midway with only 3 engines because of fuel starvation because i didn't have unlimited fuel on and amazingly i touched down just after the touchdown zone and i was at 20kts 3/4 down the runway)


                    • Since my last post: All FSX as usual. All Add-on aircraft also, no default.


                      Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky to Leipzig/Halle (DHL)


                      Delhi Indira Gandhi to Vienna (Austrian)

                      New York JFK to Casablanca (Royal Air Maroc)

                      Santiago to Easter Island (LAN)

                      Seoul/Incheon to Tashkent,Uzbekistan (Asiana)

                      Beechcraft 1900D

                      Tampa International to Key West (Gulfstream International Airlines)


                      Moscow Sheremetyevo to Istanbul Yesilkoy (Turkish)


                      Frankfurt to Berlin Tegel (Lufthansa)


                      Los Angeles International to Guangzhou,China (China Southern) (Longest flight I have ever done, first flight in 777 on FSX, went well)

                      Flight I have in mind for today: 777-200 Bangkok to Brisbane (Thai)


                      • Since September 18.


                        Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Brisbane (Thai Intl. Airways)

                        Paris Charles de Gaulle to Kuwait (Air France)

                        Mexico City to Tijuana (AeroMexico)

                        Singapore to Athens (Singapore Airlines)

                        Tokyo Narita to Phuket (Thai Intl. Airways)

                        London Gatwick to Bermuda (British Airways)


                        Miami to Port-au-Prince (American Airlines)


                        Chengdu to Haikou (Air China)

                        Beechcraft 1900D

                        Montreal Trudeau to Moncton (Air Georgian)


                        • round the world in a mooney bravo, newcastle to newcastle currently on route from skiathos to cairo


                          • QTR023 - OTBD-EDDF

                            -N0475F360 R659 ELOSA B457 BAH UL602 TASMI/N0473F360 UL602 ITBIT
                            R784 KABAN/N0465F360 UT37 SRT/N0471F380 UL614 EZS UW710 SIV UL615
                            ORKAN UW703 NENDO/N0468F400 UW703 INB UL852 UDROS UL746 NEPOT
                            UL602 EVRIK UL851 LNZ T161 GIMAX/N0369F200 T161 PSA PSA3W
                            -EDDF0616 EDFH
                            -EET/OBBB0008 OKAC0039 ORBB0054 LTAA0205 LTBB0343 LBSR0346 LRBB0414
                            LHCC0455 LOVV0522 EDUU0542 EDGG0603 REG/A7ACE SEL/JPBE OPR/QTR
                            DOF/101011 RMK/P/TBN R/VE J/LF D/06 370 C/GREY A/WHITE AND GREY
                            NAV/TCAS DAT/M C/)

                            CLS/WILCO merge


                            • Originally posted by KGEG View Post

                              Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Brisbane (Thai Intl. Airways)
                              It's good that you specified that you were coming out of Suvarnabhumi rather than holding everyone in suspense that maybe you were coming out of Bangkok Ranjubungujunju.


                              • Of course, FSX doesn't come with the new airport. Your stuck with the old Bangkok airport if you don't add on the new one. Plus a lot of AI would be missing because its programmed to go to the new airport. So really, it is necessary to say which airport because I'm sure if I just said Bangkok people would wonder which one I truly did fly out of.

                                Another airport I need to find is Bengaluru, its missing that one too.

                                May as well say what I have done since last post.


                                Auckland to Nadi,Fiji (ANZ)

                                Tokyo Haneda to Nagasaki (ANA)

                                Beijing to Moscow Sheremetyevo (Aeroflot)

                                London Gatwick to Male,Maldives (BA)

                                San Francisco to Kaluhui,Maui (United)

                                London Gatwick to Sharm El Sheikh,Egypt (BA)


                                Auckland to Rarotonga,Cook Islands (ANZ)


                                Los Angeles to Guadalajara (Alaska)