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  • Since October 14th.

    Wilco 777-200

    London Heathrow to Chennai,India
    Singapore to Hanoi
    Washington Dulles to Munich
    Paris Roissy to Abidjan
    London Gatwick to Barbados
    Dallas to Buenos Aires

    Singapore to Ahmedabad,India
    Chicago to Barcelona
    Barcelona to Lahore,Pakistan

    PMDG 747-400

    Singapore to Xiamen,China

    CS 757-200

    Tokyo Narita to Saipan
    Helsinki to Malaga,Spain

    Carenado Cessna 208B Caravan

    Spokane Felts Field to Dunsmuir,CA near Mt.Shasta and Black Butte
    Juneau,AK to Kodiak Island,AK

    CLS 767-300

    New York JFK to Nice,France


    • Since November 5th.


      Philadelphia to Lisbon
      Miami to Port of Spain
      Newark to Glasgow
      Atlanta to Tucson
      Atlanta to Brasilia


      Bangkok VTBS to Johannesburg
      Singapore to Christchurch
      London Heathrow to Mauritius
      London Gatwick to Montego Bay
      Bangkok VTBS to Oslo
      London Heathrow to Montreal
      London Heathrow to Boston
      Los Angeles to Faa'a,Tahiti


      • My last flights finished the last week or so on both the Embraer Phenom 100 and Cessna Citation 560 XLS+:

        KROC-KLBE: Rochester to Latrobe - E100

        KLBE-KDAY Latrobe to Dayton - E100

        KDAY-KPDK Dayton to DeKalb-Peachtree - E100

        KPDK-KMCN DeKalb-Peachtree to Macon - E100

        KMCN-KTMB Macon to Kendall-Tamiami - E100

        KTMB-KGPT Kendall-Tamiami to Gulfport - E100

        KGPT-KAPA Gulfport to Centennial - E100

        KAPA-KSBP Centennial to San Luis Obispo - E100

        KSBP-KSAN San Luis Obispo to San Diego Lindbergh - C560 XLS+

        KSAN-KAPA San Diego Lindbergh to Centennial - C560 XLS+

        KAPA-KTEB Centennial to Teterboro - C560 XLS+

        KTEB-KHPN Teterboro to Westchester County - C560 XLS+ (without a doubt my shortest MSFS flight to date!)

        KHPN-KROC Westchester County to Rochester - C560 XLS+

        KROC-KCAE Rochester to Columbia - C560XLS+

        KCAE-KSAT Columbia to San Antonio - C560XLS+

        KSAT-MMPR San Antonio to Puerto Vallarta -C560XLS+

        MMPR-MMLT Puerto Vallarta to Loreto - C560XLS+
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        • i was flying the cyQR-CYYZ but i got crashed to the desktop..


          • I am preparing KSFO - KLAX - NZAA on 742. A first pic may follow in a week.


            • I am currently doing mail runs flight numbers YKA3001-3080
              before, I used ATR72-200F, but now I am using BAe ATPF, ironically they have a better perfomance,....
              please take a look at my website:

              flown on: Boeing 737-400/500/700wl/800wl * B767-300ER * MD11 * B757-200 * MD82 * ERJ 145 * E-190 * Q400 * BAe ATP * Jetstream J41 recently added: B717-200

              flown with:, Luxair, CityBird,, Air Moldova, AirFrance, Régional, West Air Luxembourg, recently added: Volotea


              • A few that I just wrapped up recently:

                MMLT-MMSD Loreto to Los Cabos - C560+

                MMSD-KVNY Los Cabos to Van Nuys - C560+

                KVNY-KBFI Van Nuys to Boeing Field - C560+

                SADP-SASA El Palomar to Salta - C560+

                SASA-SACO Salta to Cordoba - C560+

                SACO-SADP Cordoba to El Palomar - Fuerza Aerea Argentina Learjet 35

                SADP-SAZB El Palomar to Bahia Blanca Espora - FAA LJ35

                SAZB-SADP Bahia Blanca Espora to El Palomar - FAA LADE F27

                SABE-SAAJ Aeroparque to Junin - LAER ATR42

                SARE-SADP Resistencia to El Palomar - FAA C130

                SADP-SAAR El Palomar to Rosario - Ejercito (Argentine Army) G222

                SAAR-SCEL Rosario to Santiago - FAA F-28 Presidencia

                SCEL-SAME Santiago to Mendoza - FAA Learjet 35

                SABE-SAZM Aeroparque to Mar del Plata - FAA LADE DHC6

                SABE-SACO Aeroparque to Cordoba - Aerolineas Argentinas B73G

                SACO-SABE Cordoba to Aeroparque - Aer Arg B735

                SAEZ-SBGL Ezeiza to Rio de Janeiro - Aer Arg B744

                SBGL-SAEZ Rio de Janeiro to Ezeiza, SAEZ-SAVT Ezeiza to Trelew - Aer Arg MD90

                SAVT-SABE Trelew to Aeroparque - Aer Arg MD83

                MMMX-MMCU Ciudad de Mexico to Chihuahua - Aeromexico Connect Embraer 190

                MMTO-MMMX Toluca to Ciudad de Mexico - Fuerza Aerea Mexicana UH-1 Huey

                MMTJ-MMCS Tijuana to Ciudad Juarez - FAM 757 TP-01 Presidencia

                MMMX-MMUN Ciudad de Mexico to Cancun - Aeromexico 757-200

                MMUN-MMPR Cancun to Puerto Vallarta - Aeromexico 767-200ER

                MMMX-MMTJ Ciudad de Mexico to Tijuana - Aeromexico 777-200

                MMTJ-MMSD Tijuana to Los Cabos - Aeromexico Connect EMB 190

                MMMX-MMMD Ciudad de Mexico to Merida - Aerocaribe DC9-30

                MMMX-MMEP Ciudad de Mexico to Tepic - Aeromar CRJ200

                MMMX-MMGL Ciudad de Mexico to Guadalajara - Aeromexico 757-200

                KAPA-KTEB Centennial to Teterboro - Gulfstream V

                KTEB-LPAZ Teterboro to Santa Maria, Azores - GV

                LPAZ-LPPT Azores to Lisbon - GV

                KSAN-KSBP San Diego to San Luis Obispo - Sabreliner 40

                MMGT-MMMZ Guadalajara to Mazatlan - AeroUnion A300

                KSTL-KADS St.Louis to Addison - Sabreliner 40

                KSMO-KAPA Santa Monica to Centennial - Cessna 550 Citation II


                • A few I have done in the last week:

                  SYD-NAN Air Pacific B744 (FJ910)

                  NAN-BNE Air Pacific B744 (FJ921)

                  BNE-SYD Qantas B744 (QF 8 )

                  SYD-MEL Qantas B763 (QF400)

                  MEL-SYD Qantas B763 (QF460)
                  "A pilot lives in a world of perfection or does not live at all."


                  • Since a couple of weeks, I'm in the air with 747-200. This helps me to fly a lot of historic routes, but on some routes you also see that places have changed.

                    VHHH-VTBD Cathay 742

                    VTBD-EDDF LH-B742 and a connection flight EDDF-LFBO

                    LFBO-LFPG AF-B742 and a connection flight LFPG-LIMJ and back to CDG.

                    So, I'm sitting in France and I watch the tour.


                    • I'm Currently doing QF 71 PER-SIN and i'm 1204nm out of SIN cruising at FL360
                      "A pilot lives in a world of perfection or does not live at all."


                      • And what are your next 3 destinations? Maybe you stay some hours at WSSS, and we meet.
                        [I don't fly this saturday].


                        • I just wrapped up Barajas to Blagnac (LEMD-LFBO) on the Iberia A319 Retro Jet.


                          • Eham-klax 777lrf


                            • Zurich to Rome: SWR A310-325

                              Rome to Geneva: SWR A310-322


                              • I just flew a Lufthansa A340-600 from Boston to Frankfurt last week. Soon I will fly a KLM 747-400 from Toronto to Amsterdam. Does anyone have a good estimate of how long it might take to fly from America's West Coast to somewhere in Europe?
                                Remember on your hardest days, that the airplanes always take off against the wind... afterwards, the skies are all yours.