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  • Victor The Aviator
    I've lost the track of how many flights I've done (Microsoft Flight Simmer here).

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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    Tomorrow Boeing 737 LEVC --> EGGL just two hours on VATSIM

    This is some simple flights I do in this period of time

    Of course, on Microsoft flight simulator

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  • LH-B744
    There is one man which really should become a jetphotos Senior member. He's available on youtube with his real name, but I don't know if I should publish his name again. So, let's call him
    S. LH .
    His history of type licences since 1978 include both, the LH Airbus A340 and the LH Boeing 747 .

    Since I know one or two things about a 747, but almost nothing about an A340, my question for him would be..

    The reference sheet for a 747-200 clearly says, the hotter the day and/or the higher the airport the faster all four jet engines even in a 747 come near to a limit where you only have the choice to take off with less weight, clearly less than MTOW, compared to the HB-HOT crash.

    Now, an A340 is a flying computer as I always say. Could it be that the step down from an A340 to
    an eighty years old (!!) Junkers JU 52
    is much bigger than it were the step down from a B747-200?!

    I'd assume than an A340 calculates everything without that the F/O or the Captain has to use mental arithmetic. And I strongly assume that in a 1978 B747-200 with INS, not everything was calculated by the aircaft itself.

    So. Majestätsbeleidigung, beinahe. But could it be, that a former A340 jet pilot completely unlearned that most of the propeller aircraft, e.g.
    JU 52 or Beech Super King Air 350
    do not automatically stop the climb or the descent at an altitude which was pre-defined by one of the pilots?

    And even in a 747-400, the two pilots in the cockpit are responsible so that the flight always stays in the limits of all the engines on board. That's no difference between a JU 52 and a B744.

    I assume that in an Airbus A340, a pilot much easier and much faster could lose his intuition (dt.: Intuition) for the combination of N1 number, altitude (above 10,000 and again, above 30,000), temperature, head wind (if you have one), and ground speed, than in a Boeing 747-200.

    In an Airbus, you pull the aileron until you've reached the desired v/s, and the a/c automatically holds the nose up. The same goes for the bank angle!
    In a JU 52 or in a 747, nothing like this will ever happen.

    As I said, Majestätsbeleidigung, almost. But did the HB-HOT crash happen because the experienced Flight Captain in a weak moment tried to fly that ancient propeller like an A340?

    With the knowledge and the intuition which you have as a jet pilot, alt 12,000 climb, alt 17,000 climb, alt 22,000 and higher climb, no problem?

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  • LH-B744
    Brian always says, before you try bad English, better write it in German. So, that's what I tried here in my #511 .
    Dreimotoriger Vorkriegspropeller, in English?

    I don't know. I only came back to publish the Lugano weather for Saturday.
    +24°C during daylight.
    Saturday April 25th 2020 seems to be quite an interesting day if you use fsgrw .

    Sometimes I write a memory for myself. Or also for all those who are keen enough to fly a propeller aircraft (with MTOW, as during the Piz Segnas crash) on a hot day.

    I'm not really Captain Keen, I rather try to survive all flights, even those who I begin in a simulator. As a good Flight Captain with a type license for Airbus A340, I'd always try to avoid MTOW, especially on a hot day. But why.

    On a day with weather conditions which do not fulfil the ISA standards, e.g. much hotter than +15°C, all combustion engines have problems and you don't get all the horse power which is theoretically on the paper. But why. The hotter the air the less dense it is. The less dense the air the less oxygen, the less oxygen, the worse for a fire/for a combustion.
    Ladeluftkühler is a German word which describes the problem for turbocharged car engines and turbocharged truck engines.

    Thus, what can you do if you expect a hot day, with +20°C during take off or even +24°C or more. Avoid MTOW. In Randazzo's LH-B744 I only very very seldom (or almost never) have experienced weather conditions where I thought, now a little bit lighter and a little bit higher (i.e. a little bit cooler, under normal conditions),

    but this is the reason why LH is in the 747 club since half a century. You never, and I really mean never, feel underpowered in a Boeing 747.

    PS: I am old enough to know the reference sheet for a Lufthansa Boeing 747-200 passenger jet. Ref sheet, not spec sheet. The reference sheet for a LH-B742 always included the take off run (TORA) in combination with the Take Off Weight and the air temperature on the rwy.
    3,300 meter in a 747-200 with MTOW, but only under ISA conditions, i.e. a longer rwy is needed at +20 or +24°C .
    The 747-400 needs 3,090 meter (ISA), if you again
    avoid maximum take off weight (MTOW) .

    Which as long as I fly Randazzo's LH-B744 always was very easy for me. You only very rarely need a B744 with MTOW, that rather seems a task for Qantas.
    Ok ok, I don't wanna bore you, back on topic.

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  • LH-B744
    My next thing will be, from EDDF to Kloten Intl, indeed. But only since the Eurowings of Düsseldorf has published their special
    damn disease flight schedule April 2020 ,
    as I call it.

    The original plan was, from EDDF to Lohausen home airport, then EDDL to Basle-Mulhouse as Microsoft calls it.
    In Schweizerdeutsch, Basel Mülhausen,
    and all the French know that airport with the name Bâle-Mulhouse (ICAO: LFSB) .

    But the
    damn disease flight schedule April 2020
    does not contain Eurowings Düsseldorf flights to Basel Mülhausen, only to Kloten.

    So, I changed my plan. Vancouver - Rhein/Main - Kloten . With an aircraft change at Rhein/Main, from B744 to Beech King Air 350 turbopropeller, and then to Kloten. with an option for Lugano (not to be confused with Locarno!).

    I don't really need this very very very short runway at Locarno,
    which in my eyes is closed for two-engined turbopropellers e.g. Beech Super King Air 350, due to 'very short rwy' (only 2,624 ft, or better, only 800 meters long!).

    So, Lugano instead of Locarno. In this moment I see Alex who definitely knows what I'm aiming at... Yes. Piz Segnas. But with a few quite important differences:
    A year 1999 turbopropeller instead of an eighty year old (!!) three-engined piston propeller.
    A ceiling of 35,000 with pressurization, instead of less than 21,000 without oxygen (!).

    Piz Segnas, peak elevation 10,167 .
    Alex, das kurz auf Deutsch, so wichtige Sachen immer in der Muttersprache, oder wie macht ihr das.
    Der verstorbene Flugkapitän an jenem verhängnisvollen August Tag kam von der Swiss, Flugzeugtyp LX A340 (!) . Deswegen würde ich mir nie anmaßen zu sagen, er hat den Leistungsverlust von so einem dreimotorigen Vorkriegspropeller (!) an einem heißen August Tag außer Acht gelassen. Aber ISA Bedingungen haben an dem Tag nachweislich auch niemals geherrscht, es war schon beim Start weit heißer als +15°C. Berichtet werden +20°C beim take off in Locarno, und aufgrund der Inversionswetterlage (?!) nicht weniger in der Höhe.
    Deswegen versuche ich es mit einem Turbopropeller, der zur Not nach oben hin ausweichen kann, die Power dazu besitzt. Mal sehen wie weit ich komme.

    So far, CU soon,
    and dear greetings to Switzerland!
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-04-23, 02:18. Reason: My Intention: to safely cross the peak Piz Segnas (elev 10,167). Noch jemand muss da bestimmt nicht rein scheppern!

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  • LH-B744
    Originally posted by Doering View Post
    Thanks. A lot of work goes into the videos and nice to find new venues. Yes, German origins in my surname. Originally had the umlaut over the letter “o” but lost through the generations. Now pronounced “deer ring” rather than “doe ring”.
    PS I used to post pics on the Flightsim forum.
    Döring originally? Well, I know that this forum should be able to show German, Swiss and Austrian Umlaute . Let's have a try.

    The only thing is, you need a German keyboard, for the ä, the ö, the ü and the ß . Really the Schwarzenegger story, born in Austria and successful in California since 1970.

    California? So, we don't have to discuss which Republican you prefer, Schwarzenegger and Lester Holt (California!), or the East Coast..

    Don't you disappoint me..

    PS: I know that I am offtopic. But since I know only let's say five jetphotos Senior members who have more forum entries than me and who I respect, I enjoy to be offtopic for a second.. 1 senior at DUS, 2 seniors in Switzerland, and my 2 jetphotos seniors in the USA.. yes, not more than 5 .

    Republicans are not really your topic? Well, that's totally ok in my eyes!
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-04-23, 00:34. Reason: Back on topic.

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  • Doering
    Thanks. A lot of work goes into the videos and nice to find new venues. Yes, German origins in my surname. Originally had the umlaut over the letter “o” but lost through the generations. Now pronounced “deer ring” rather than “doe ring”.
    PS I used to post pics on the Flightsim forum.

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  • LH-B744
    Originally posted by Doering View Post
    Epic Flight to San Francisco
    Flight planning from KACV to KSFO with ForeFlight.
    This is an RNAV approach to RWY 19R at KSFO
    Hi! First of all let me welcome you to this shiny little aviation forum!

    You are definitely one of those people who we need before real world aviation really takes off again on airports like
    Vancouver International

    A jetphoto really is worth more than 1000 words. So, I again should try to find a server where I again am able to deposit 2 or 3 "photos", which I always take during my simulator flights.

    For tonight, I only have my words. Randazzo's LH-B744 from CYVR Vancouver International to EDDF Rhein/Main, and I always take the real world schedule,
    with the real world a/c type!

    Status: en route.

    PS: Your nickname in my ears sounds very very very (!) German. Is that only an assumption, or is that the Schwarzenegger phenomenon, born in Austria, but sucessful in the USA since... 1970?
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-04-22, 23:31. Reason: nicknames..

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  • Doering
    Epic Flight to San Francisco
    Flight planning from KACV to KSFO with ForeFlight.
    This is an RNAV approach to RWY 19R at KSFO

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  • LH-B744
    Always taken from real world flight schedules. Which today means, with almost 100% certainty NOT from the current summer schedule April 2020.... ...

    QF # 155 from Melbourne to Auckland - done, and I decided for Randazzo's QF-B744ER simulator 'Wunala Dreaming' . The original a/c is a QF-B738, imho.
    and, coming soon,

    NZ # 24 from Auckland to Vancouver, dep 2015 local, arr ?, 13hours10minutes en route nonstop, original a/c is the NZ-B789*, frequency --34567 (all days except Monday and Tuesday).
    13 hours to cross the Pacific Ocean, that sounds interesting. My Aircraft: NZ-B744 .
    *Boeing 78 79, or as most people write it, the 787-9 .

    I know that Air New Zealand does no longer fly the 747, but at least until Randazzo publishes a 787 simulator, I'll stay with the 747. Somebody even published the
    Air New Zealand 'Koru',
    which indeed is a silver fern (and not a fish),
    for Randazzo's 747 !

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  • LH-B744
    In Germany, the New Year started with something like a ridiculous weather. I thought, January February and March are the winter months in Germany, but 3 or 4 weeks ago, we had temperatures like 12°C or 54°F . Which is not really winter in my eyes. I am a winter child, I know the winter.
    At this very moment, in the middle of the night, thank God the winter has come back to Germany, at least a little bit. +4°C or 39°F .

    So what did I do. I took the Beech B350 King Air fsx, for a little ride, nonstop from EDDL to LOWS Salzburg airport. SZG tonight rather sounds like winter: -2°C or 28°F.
    That btw is also a commercial flight, op by EW with a freq 1234567 .

    Shortly after I arrived at SZG in my simulator, Kobe Bryant died.

    So what did I do. To be honest, first of all I thought, how near to death must you be to decide to fly into the fog, and was it only one man on board who made that fatal decision?
    Then I thought, from Orange County to Camarillo, that's not only a helicopter route.

    Then I took the Beech Baron 58 fsx, for a flight from KSNA Orange County to KCMA Camarillo, of course with IFR request preflight. And with real weather conditions for January 2020 (fsgrw), which for me was visibility 22 kilometers or vis 12.
    I have to say, I almost know nothing about the Sikorsky S-76B helicopter, but I am able to safely land a Beech Baron 58 fsx simulator from KSNA to KCMA with vis 12, within 55 minutes during a first flight on that route.

    The Orange County IFR controller gave me alt 6,000 as a minimum, and it worked like a charm. And on that sunday morning, they only skipped the IFR request because that always has to be done a few minutes before take off, so, 9 humans died only due to impatience? As my friend 3WE said, not each and every (helicopter) pilot is able to fly with visibility 4 or less.
    But Kobe Bryant's private pilot is not Kobe Bryant's private pilot without an IFR license, in my humble opinion.
    Dead, at the age of 41. JFK junior died at the age of 38, because he chose the wrong pilot (himself). But that's not noble. You don't get an award for that. Dead at the age of 41 is a stupid idea.
    I can say that. I'm only six months older than Mr. Bryant.

    The next flight. From SZG to Rhein/Main International, again with Beech B350 twin turbopropeller. And then.

    VTBS Suvarnabhumi (freeware by Ray Smith), on board Randazzo's LH-B744 QOTSI fsx (I know, that's not quite the real thing which is in the winter schedule..) .
    That's a hell of a ride, especially with real weather conditions in January 2020. But I love it. You like to book it? LH # 772 .
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-02-26, 01:36. Reason: minus a rather hard four letter word (with indeed five letters).

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  • LH-B744
    Wenn Du das nicht kannst dann lass das doch die Profis machen.

    That's always my answer if someone asks me 'what?'. In Berlin, someone tries to build an airport. But since 13 years (!) they only try and will never come to an end! The reason?
    Three clients (Bauherren), and two big architecture companies. Why two architects? Well, nobody in Berlin trusted a successful architecture company who since 1980 is responsible for Frankfurt/Main Intl airport and DUS Intl airport, a company with 150 architects! The chief architect of that company (JSK) died in 2018, after 12 years in which he tried to build an airport in Berlin.
    So, nobody finishes what he's begun in 2006, both big architecture companies were fired in 2012! 'Politicians are not able to build a functioning international airport, you need professional knowledge.' ZDF, 2012 (seven years ago!).

    One construction engineer who denies alterations after the first detail of the layout is sent to an executive construction company. Since 2006, nobody in Berlin does that. Thus, now they try to open a (rather not so) new airport for 25 million pax, although they needed 36 million pax or more if Tegel is closed... And who really wants to go to Schönefeld, so far away from Kurfürstendamm, really nobody. Mit den Füßen wird abgestimmt heisst es auf Deutsch. 22 Mio at Tegel vs 13 Mio at Old Schönefeld. Meinen Glückwunsch!

    Back on topic. At Rio de Janeiro, they have two active airports, because wise men said, one airport is never enough. And since 2016, Santos Dumont is connected with the tramway Rio De Janeiro. What we are able to learn from Brazil.

    LH #500, that's my next flight after a really informative round trip through Brazil, Guarulhos, Goiania, Brasilia, Maraba, Belem, and where did I end?

    Rio Galeao. After almost 1,400 nautical miles, from Belém. A/c type? LH-B744, although Belém is a rather small airport in the forest. But I had to make sure that I use an a/c with a good range, in contrast to Chapecoense. And it worked.

    Galeao - Guarulhos and then back home, but soon I'll return to Rio.

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  • LH-B744
    In 2018, I've received yet one invitation to Texas. So, my next three long haul flights are scheduled. I love it!

    1. KMSP, with the NW-B744 bowling shoe. They still don't use purple lights at MSP?
    2. O'Hare, or as I call it, Obama Intercontinental, with my avatar.

    3. DFW, Gas Monkey international. The new entry on the list, LH #438, with my avatar of course. When I was new here at jetphotos, I wondered if it were allowed to use an a/c type which is not mentioned in the official LH schedule... But Randazzo did quite a good job. With the help of one or two jet pilots who work under a nightblue tailfin.. Since then, I'm convinced. Not many other semi-pro simulators are so good! Now I only wonder..
    Where's that beard with all that cars.. And the Flyin Kangaroos?

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  • LH-B744
    Well. Is it allowed to use a second forum entry without that somebody answered?

    If you ask me, two entries in a row are ok. So...

    Minneapolis St. Paul international airport. I'm here long enough. So, I know that this airport was open for two airlines, who not necessarily land at Rhein/Main.
    NorthWest Airlines

    Thus, I should rather use a KL-B744, and then the dep of course is Schiphol (boring default fsx..) . I own Randazzo's KL-B744 fsx simulator, still with the straight line under the main deck windows..
    Even the KL-B744s today wear the "KL wave", don't they. But I'll find a good flight for the KL-B744. Sint Maarten.

    The "KL wave". I mentioned it earlier, a good example where an experienced airline successfully altered a good livery. Taste is not a matter of age. The on duty KL CEO is less than eight years older than me. Taste is a matter of taste, and I don't think that Mr. Elbers (or the LH CEO) ever seriously would have ordered a monochrome livery, not for all KL (LH) long haul jets. Again, the opposite of monochrome:
    The opposite of monochrome on a KL "wave"-B744. Super.

    Back on topic:
    KMSP and KL-B742, a true combination.

    PS: Somebody with my avatar is not allowed to use foreign simulators. But if it contains destinations, which until today are not part of the LH schedule, imho nobody will hit me.

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  • LH-B744
    Hm. I said, I'd use this bird (or one of her sisters) when I'm back home at Rhein/Main.

    NW-B744 bowling shoe, reg N674US

    And I'm not a man who changes his flight plan within a minute. But... KMSP weather for today is, +16°C or 61 F, and sunny. Well, it seems as if I've been waiting a little bit too long. A NW-B744 bowling shoe in the snow? Probably only next year.

    But a flight plan is a flight plan. I'll always love liveries who are the exact opposite of monochrome. See my avatar. See the year 2002 UA-B744 livery (I once knew the name of it..). And see the NW-B744 bowling shoe.

    So. My next flight is NW-B744 bowling shoe, from Rhein/Main to KMSP (and back). My suggestion still is, purple lights for this airport.

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