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  • Kudo's to Flight Sim

    Have any of you real world pilot in here...have you ever been able to thank flight sim for something that has affected you in an actual flight? I have to thank flight sim for teaching me a lot reguarding instrument work. I was flying back to my home airport a while back, and my CFI asked me if I had known how to fly a full ILS approach? Knowing he didnt teach me... I still said "I think so.." so he told me to try it. I managed it, and had the needles pegged, a perfect cross all the way down to 50ft where he told me I could look up. It was very neat.. anyone ever been able to "thank" flight sim for something along these lines .
    Ryan Davis
    Admin, FlyerGuide.Net

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    Definately just practicing instrument stuff. The main difficulty when flying on the gauges is just picturing what you're doing. Flying different approaches on flight sim allows you to do that, and then look at the results when you're done.