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    Shaggy, I'm stunned! That is a freakin' awesome machine!!! Can I come over after school?!?!?!?

    - Black floppy drive
    hahaha, a floppy drive!
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      Always gotta have a floppy drive :P It usefull for making raid boot disks etc.

      With regards to the system, yes it is pretty awesome. For example I can run BF2 with all the sliders set to full in 1600 x 1050 with no lag.

      MSFS I have all the sliders to max. No lag

      The Crossfire stuff is in its infancy and therefore some games wont run with the two cards enabled. EVE for example does not, MSFS needs some tinkering. That is not end of the world as you just disable crossfire via the control panel. This is meant to be fixed with a new release of Catalyst drivers.

      Dual monitors is also and issue at this time. Basically, It does not work with Crossfire enabled. Again this is a driver fix that will be released soon.

      I have a Dual core Athlon as you can see from the specs. Eve does not utilise this at the moment so there was a patch released or it.

      What dual core does mean though as well as making everything super fast is that you can assign a core to two different games. So you could run two instances of off one machine with dual monitors, or in my case 4 if I had 4
      Lee "Shaggy" Shand