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763 BA London - Palermo: Shots + Flight report

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  • 763 BA London - Palermo: Shots + Flight report

    Alright, school's over, exams almost done. so I'm back to flying in FS2004
    Today I'll present you shots from flight I did some time ago but finished editing today
    So here ya go: shots and report

    Aircraft: Boeing 767-300 Level-D
    Airline: British Airways "Chelsea Rose"
    Callsign: Speedbird seven-six-three
    Registration: G-BNWB
    Departure: London Heathrow (UK)
    Destination: Palermo Punta Raisi (Italy)
    Weather: Clear
    Wind: Light (London), Modrate (Palermo)
    Flight time: 3 hours

    So let's start the fun. We departed about half an hour late as I was "fighting" with FMD.....fianlly I gave up and flew without FMC programmed
    ATc tolf us to fly runway heading and climb to 7000. Then we turned to the south and climbed to FL350.

    Btw. I was using Heathrow by UK2000 which I just got and I loved it

    Pushedback and ready to begin taxi. We contaced ATC and were told to taxi to and hold short of runway 09L.

    Btw. sorry but the images lost it's quality after I changed them from bitmaps to jpegs...

    Another British Airways Boeing 767-300 just departed

    Malaysia Boeing 747-400 Heavy on fianl runway 09L

    Waiting for Malaysian to clear the runway and then for the BMI to take off.

    Taxiing to the position

    Waiting for ATC clearance while F/O is performing before take off checklist

    I was waiting about 15 minutes for take off..... first Malaysian heave was landing then we had to wait for BA A320 to alnd...then BMI took off and I had to wait for BA ERJ-145 to land which was really slow

    Taken from the cockpit of a plane waiting for the take off behind us.

    "Speedbird seven-six-three ready to take off, runway 09L"

    Gaining speed

    Rotation !

    Constant rate of climb. Gear up !

    looks like some nice spotting area - look a little bit over the left wing near the fence

    I'm not a "london person" so can somebody tell me what park is it ??

    Banking right

    london and river Themes behind us

    Some highway intersection

    After take off I was told to fly straight to la Manache chanell, then over France, Alps, Italy, Corsica and Sardinia to Sicily
    On the way to la Manch I flew by London Gatwick airport and saw quite a nice view of traffic landing right below me
    While flying over the chanell, a BMI ERJ-145 passed me on it's way to Gatwick

    Sum traffic

    I wanna swim !!!

    All set and done. Time to do homework j/k actually I was cleaning my room and flying

    View on pedestal

    I...uhmmm.....went to the washroom
    view at my office

    The cruise time was really nice. Autopilot was on so I could watch the stuff around. The movie shown in the cabin was Narnia lol
    After the drinks were served, passengers got a light lunch and later jyust5 before descened they got Drinks and some treats again
    Weather was great - nice no wind up there The snow covering Alps' peaks looked even nicer in the sun And the lake water was so shiny. It just made me want to be there

    Getting close to Alps - half of the flight done

    over the Alps

    Nice road net reminds me of car racing

    Sumbody wants to ski ?

    Alps was probably the best part of the flight (except landing which was pretty chellenging). Then we crossed Italian border and flew over the Mediterrean sea, heading towards the Islands of Sardinia and Corsica.

    Corsica in front of us.

    The little black dot u see on the sea is our shadow We are cruising at FL350 (35000ft) with speed of 300 kias

    A beautiful island on the Mediterrean sea - French Corsica, with it's capital in Ajaccio. Makes me want to land there

    As soon as I passed the beautiful islands of Corsica (France) and Sardinia (Italy) ATC told us to descend and prepare for visual approach...damn

    Everything is set and ready (I hope )

    Sicily in sight

    Scarry part of approach. Flying low over this hill. Instruments in my airplane went nuts and started screaming "terrain". In the lowest point I heard "150ft...."

    Ready to land with a strong crosswind...

    Low over the water

    Mind the house

    Looks like I'm low over the house, eh?

    I'm not really


    Trouble while landing....

    thank god the runway was dry....I almost skidded it...


    thanks to my skills LOL we landed safetly and now we are slowing down

    Leaving the active

    Arrived at the gate. Waiting for the stuff to come

    Alitalia Maddogs...

    And that's it. Thanks for viewing. Pleasy leave a comment if you want

    Passengers are now off to their hotels and I'm off to my pool It's open now and it'sabout 30+ degrees in Toronto.

    Btw. Next flight is NOT Italy connected

    Stay tuned

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    awesome shots and very nice editing! btw, what LHR scenery is that?


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      thx Chris ! The LHR scenery is the one by UK2000

      I'l put all the addons I used:

      Boeing 767-300 by Level-D Simulations (Payware)
      London Heathrow scenery by UK2000 (Payware)
      Ultimate Terrain Europe by Flight1 (Payware)
      Airport Enviroment Upgrade 7 (Freeware)
      FSWater by Flight1 (Payware)
      Active Sky (Payware)
      Project AI (Freeware)


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        Planted that one didn't you?... Nice shots mate!



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          Very nice editing. You seems skilled when landing, arent you. Were there really crosswind, or were you just showing off ? Lol.

          Very awesome screenshot-set. I like the landings the most. Those were the ones that was exciting to see.
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            Originally posted by G-DALE
            Planted that one didn't you?...
            Of course 10gigs in total of everything

            Originally posted by MaxPower
            You seems skilled when landing, arent you. Were there really crosswind, or were you just showing off ? Lol.
            Well there was a bit of crosswind but i laso kinda made it too much tothe right so I was trying to save it and not to go that's what happened

            Thx for comments ppl !!!


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              Ouch!!! What a landing

              Nice shots, a complete master of the Photoshop pal


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                Originally posted by pkonowrocki
                Of course 10gigs in total of everything
                I was actually talking about the landing


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                  I was hoping for a REAL flight...But I guess this will do...

                  My Flickr Pictures! Click Me!


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                    Originally posted by G-DALE
                    I was actually talking about the landing
                    I did misunderstood it too if you didnt posted this one. What you really were taking about
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                      damn Dale I thought you were talking about my payware you know terms "seeders/leechers" - that's why nways yea landing was hard.
                      And Andres thx for calling my PS Master lol there are many things i don't know thou....ex. how to add grass


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                        How'd you get the plane so AF-style dirty ?
                        Nice series of screens, just good that I didn't open this thread at work, as it would've probably killed my connection .


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                          LOL the plane actually got dirty after I played with contrast/colors/brightness. And yea sorry for the size of the post


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                            Absolutely amazing shots - such smooth, sharp images!


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                              Originally posted by HS-TGY
                              Absolutely amazing shots - such smooth, sharp images!
                              Thank you There are still some jaggies in few places thou