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Air Europa Boeing 737-600: Gran Canaria - Madeira

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  • Air Europa Boeing 737-600: Gran Canaria - Madeira

    As you can see I have lotsa time now during vacation so I fly a lot lol As promised last time, these shots are not connected in any way to italy But let's get going

    Aircraft: Boeing 737-600 (PMDG)
    Airline: Air Europa
    Registration: EC-ING
    Callsign: Europa 8821
    Departure: Las Palmas - Gran Canaria - Canary Islands - Spain
    Destination: Funchal - Madeira - Portugal

    First time in Madeira

    A optimal resolution for all users | sorry for the size

    Seen here our 737Ng is being pushed back from the gate T7

    Pushing back, about to contact ground and request taxi to the active

    As the runway in GC is freaking long and our aircraft is pretty empty we decided to take off from half of the runway to save some time

    Almost ready to go, waiting for the take off clearance. We'll have an Air Berling NG taking of from pararell runway

    begining a take off run for the 40 minute flight between islands

    Rotation !!! Used pretty much the whole half of the runway

    From another angle

    Leaving the beautiful island of Gran Canaria

    Positive rate of climb - gear up

    About to contact Canaries Approach and turn left heading 354

    Passing over Gran Canaria's capital - Las Palmas. U can see a highway and tracks below us, and docks in the upper right corner. taken from the plane passing over us.

    Passing the Las Palmas' subburbs as well as a commercial area

    "Always shoot the sunny side" - I forgot about this rule

    Madeira in front of us! Descending to 2000ft. and slowing down to 150KIAS

    Descending. Flaps full, gear down. You can see the airport on this pic if you look closer

    View at the famouse bay, over which we will perform the crazy turn on final

    I don't think somebody will have problems with locating the airport on this pic

    Sun is about to go to sleep soon so it gives our aircraft lovely orange-pinky color

    Let the fun begin

    u better hold something

    Almost there, looking at the nice hill with lotsa typical, purtuguesee houses

    We checked the weather and the wind is blowing from the right so we'll make it a bit to the right

    Seconds from touchdown !

    Almost there.

    Thx for watching!!!

    Uploading the shots is pain in a$$ so that's it for today
    As it's vacation now, expect TONS of shots to come
    I hope you liked them

    Stay tuned

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    Nice Right Banks there Patryk. Cant really believe the graphics. They look great. Nice edits too.

    Btw didnt you said half down the runway?

    Thats like 3/4 of a runway...

    Great screenshots. We want more of it.
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      Nice set of shots - playing guitar


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        Very impressive! Great shots!


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          Once again excellent shots, though maybe you should add a 56K-warning to your threads, as they are guaranteed to kill a few connections.


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            Awesome graphics, man! Well done!


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              Thx for your comments people. I'm really glad you like them. K, now I'll add 56k warning And yea there will be MUCH MORE soon
              Originally posted by MaxPower
              Thats like 3/4 of a runway...
              I took off from the half of it, as you can see on the pic above casue wasn't fully loaded


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                Originally posted by pkonowrocki
                I took off from the half of it, as you can see on the pic above casue wasn't fully loaded
                Oh Sorry. My bad. I misunderstood your remarks under the pics above it.

                What's your next flights... Is there by any chance that its with a Cargo Freighter.. ??? ...........................*Triholer*
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                  Lol next flights: Im doing a summer vacation tour.

                  Madeira - Tenerife (Spanair A320) - doing now
                  Tenerife - Madrid (Iberia A346)
                  Madrid - Faro (TAP A319)
                  Faro - Palma de Mallorca (Air Europa 736 or Iberia A320)
                  Palma de Mallorca - Ibiza (Iberia CRJ-200)
                  Ibiza - Catania (not known yet)
                  Catania - Malta (Air malta A319)
                  Malta - Crete (Olympic 73X)
                  Crete - Kos (Olympic Aviation ?)
                  Kos - Athens (Olympic Aviation ?)
                  Athens - Antalya (Turkish Air 737)
                  Antalya - Cyprus (Air Cyprus A319)
                  Cyprus - Athens (Air Cyprus A320)
                  Athens - Tunis (olympic 73X)
                  Tunis - Casablanca (Tunisair 73X)
                  Casablanca - Gran Canaria (Iberia or Air Europa or Spanair)

                  + maybe Corfu (will think about it)

                  sorry no Cargo flights this time


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                    Well, if you plan on putting screens of all the flights on here, I suppose ChrisK would force you to join JPElite to cover all the webspace you will be using .


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                      Im looking forward to see you TFS-MAD flight with a A346. Simply love the type. And the Catania - Malta - Air malta A319
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                        LOL don't worry I'm uploading shots to the servers outside

                        I'm doing Tenerife-Madrid 0n IbA346 today

                        MY 1000TH POST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!