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Part II. Spanair Airbus A320: Madeira - Tenerife (warning for 56k users)

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  • Part II. Spanair Airbus A320: Madeira - Tenerife (warning for 56k users)

    Ok so now it's part II of my summer vacation trip (you can find the list of lfights in the first post). I spent few days on Madeira, having fun on the beach and now I'm flying to Tenerife, to spend a couple of days there and catch a plane to Madrid.

    Aircraft: Airbus A320 (iFDG)
    Airline: Spanair
    Registration: EC-IAZ
    Callsign: Spanair 2267
    Departure: Funchal - Madeira - Portugal
    Destination: Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Tenerife - Canary Islands - Spain

    A optimal resolution for all users

    Waiting for passengers to board. A short 45 minute flight

    Holding short runway 5

    ready to take off from runway 5 - the same one I landed on last time

    Gear up

    Still passing Madeira

    Leaving Madeira. Still impressed by the runway construction

    Cruising at FL200

    Nice water

    View from my seat

    Tenerife in front of us

    Some ships in sight

    Docks below

    I would love to have a house down there

    Sorry to say that but i think it's a pretty f*cked up airport location...

    People actually live up there...

    About to kiss runway 30

    That's the first time I see Boeing reversers on scarry

    Landing was pretty nice and smooth so everyone is happy

    View at the main terminal

    Sadly our Part II came to the end.

    part III: Tenerife - Madrid (Iberia A346)

    Thanks for watching

    Stay tuned

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    Very cool! cant wait for more. - playing guitar


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      I'll try to make it one set of shots per day


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        The water textures looks great. And ofcourse the same about the plane.
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          Really cool shots those and cool gfx how do you get the screenies from the window view there really good



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            thx for replies !!!
            Alan, to get a great wing shot that's what I do:
            1. I wait for some nice sight or something really cool (like a jet passing by or nice city)
            2. Wait for all textures to load
            3. Take screenshot
            4. Then I crop it to be what I want it
            5. And then edit, play with contrast, color balance, color tones etc.
            6. And of course I add black boarders around the pic

            hope it helps


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              Nicely done, a great realism effect