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  • Aa953 Kdfw-kmia

    Earlier this summer I decided to do a series of flights so this is the first one that I did. For all the flights I found the aircraft used for the flight number and the departure times.

    AA 757-223 N604AA

    At gate A26.

    Turning onto 18L.

    Pullin' 'em in.

    Company 763 heading towards DFW.

    Over the Mississippi River delta leaving land behind for a while until I hit Florida.

    Over the Gulf of Mexico somehwere.

    Approaching the coast of Florida.

    Turning over Sarasota.

    Turning and descending toward Miami.

    Captured by one of you KMIA people.

    Slowing down a little off center on 9R.

    Cleaned up and taxiing in.

    Right on line.

    Welcome to Miami.

    Thanks for viewing. I'm planning on getting a better graphics card sometime soon hopefully.

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    Ryan, awesome shots, really liked them. I hope you do get a better vid card, It really does a pleasant difference, when I buy a new one, I am always amazed by the quality given!

    FYI, I think you have Miami un-updated, the RWY's in MIA are 8R/8L 26R/26L 12/33 and 9/27. 9R/9L 27R/2L are the old ones included in the default sim, I reinistalled no so long ago an forgot to update them as this happens in the default FS2004 files. Let me know if u need help to upate the RWY's.



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      Thanks. The Miami AFCAD that I downloaded I think had 9s/27s but I could be wrong. I can't remember exactly. I don't want to check right now. It's pretty late. But yeah, I'm planning on getting a new better card.
      I'm using FS2002, btw. Still haven't gotten around to getting FS9 yet, but honestly, I'm pretty happy with what I have right now.


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        Nice shots Ryan Although, I do now have a fear of jaggies
        You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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          Very cool shots


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            Great shots ! Really a pleasure to watch them