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Part III. Iberia Airbus A340-600: Tenerife - Madrid (warning for 56k users)

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  • Part III. Iberia Airbus A340-600: Tenerife - Madrid (warning for 56k users)

    Part III of my summer vacation tour. Tenerife - Madrid on the "flying pencil"

    Aircraft: Airbus A340-600 (CLS)
    Airline: Iberia
    Registration: EC-JFX
    Callsign: Iberia 1569 "Heavy"
    Departure: Tenerife-North (Los Rodeos) - Tenerife - Spain
    Destination: Madrid Barajas - Madrid - Spain

    An optimal resolution for all users

    Sitting at the gate K2

    I believe Iberia is the only A340-600 visitor to Los Rodeos

    Looking at Iberia building

    Taxiing to the active which is rwy30 today

    Turning to the active

    From another angle


    Two ATRs in Binter Canarias c/s can be spotted in front of the Terminal

    Leaving for MAD

    The dark sky and the bright sun light - what a great sight !

    Cruising at FL380 over the Atlantic Ocean with a nice sun

    She looks sooooo beautiful on this shot

    Gear down while we turn of final

    Madrid seen from F/O's seat

    The white building looks funny

    This is a scarry approach - gotta fly low over the terminal...

    Another place on my list "Where not to have an engine failure"

    About 10 seconds left until the touchdown

    Nice road net

    The roof of this parking lot is a great spotting place

    Smokey touchdown

    Burning the rubber

    Slowing down on 36L

    That's it for Part III

    coming up next part IV: Madrid - Faro (TAP A319)

    Thanks for Watching

    Stay tuned

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      Awsome shots as always


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        Great shots like usual
        Bobby DeBarge
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          Thank you people. I'm uploading TAP A319 Mad-Faro right now casue i did it yesterday and I'll do the other flight later so 2 more sets of shots today


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            Interesting flights. Seeing all those screenies coming from you is so exciting. It's your holiday right now, Isnt it. Good thing as I thought,,,You must have a lot of time to do these flights and editing them as well. Very nice. Thanks for showing the sets. Looking forward to see your Part 4. The TAP 319 flight.
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              Hehyeap I have summer break right now so I just spend some mornings and evenings flying and editing TAP is beign uploaded right now so expect it in some minutes. I'm doing Faro - palma later


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                Nice shots, but make them bigger! they literally looked like thumbnails on my screen.
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                  Patryk, Maybe it would look better if you posted the thumbnail-links, using thumbnails as preview that links to the 1024pixels shots hosted by XS. ?
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