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So I flew to France...

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  • So I flew to France...

    And now I'm in...France lol. Did a transcontinental flight from Toronto to Pari.s now I'm gonna stay in France for some time and then....we'll see.

    Aircraft: Airbus A340-300 (POSKY)
    Airline: Air France
    Registration: F-GLZR
    Callsign: Air France 5304 Heavy
    Flight No. AF5304
    Origin: L.B.Pearson Intl. Airport; Toronto; Canada; N.America
    Destination: C. De Gaulle Intl. Airport; Paris; France; Europe
    Flight time: about 8 hours
    Take off time: about 23:00 (11pm)
    Landing time: about 11:00 (11am)
    Cruising altitude: 38000ft (Fl380)
    Cruising speed: 275kias (483 True Airspeed) (530 Ground Speed)

    Boarding at the gate in YYZ. The weather was rather good, thou there were some clouds on the sky. Visibility was around 20 miles. Wind around 8knots.

    Before flight prep. took us around 15 minutes. The we requested pushback and were told to taxi to the active which was runway 23 today.

    Pushed back. Testing ailerons, vertical and horizonstal stabilizers, spoilers etc. Then engine start up and we'r ready to go.

    Last checks before we go to CDG

    Taxiing to the active. Sheraton hotel can be seen in the background

    View from my seat. Yeap I was travelling the first class.

    Sitting on the runway, waiting for take off clearance.

    Just got the clearance. Everything is set. Let's rooooooooooooolllllllll

    Rotate !!! Taken from the FedEx facility

    Positive rate of climb. Gear up. Autothrottle on. Autopilot on. Taxi lights off. Flaps up.

    Climbing over the GTA.

    Turning left.

    Over the lake Ontario

    Looking at CYYZ

    Passing Toronto downtown, Toronto islands and Toronto City Center Airport (CYTZ). can you see the CN Tower and the SkyDome ?

    Over the Nothern Canada

    Flying with the moon

    Last pic that I took before I went to sleep (in FS )

    Cloudy over Canada

    At this point we are leaving Canada and North America and enter the Atlantic Ocean. It's 4:31 GMT and 2:21 local.

    Cruising over the Atlantic Ocean

    Low Angle shot

    Sunrise over the Ocean

    Nice reflection in the water of the early morning sun

    Flying over the la Manche Chanel.

    Descending over France.

    Still descending

    As we were descedning we got instructions to land on runway 27R. I decided to perform ILs as the weather was realy shitty. It was rainy, cloudy, foggy and the corssing was strong too....damn landing i gonna be quite challenging

    Approaching 27R

    After I input all the info about approach to my GPS, it all got messed up...GPs messed up the runways. Luckly the ILs worked properly and we ladned on the correct runway. As you can see the display in the cockpit shows the wrong runway...

    About to enter the fog at 2000ft

    On final - #2 for landing

    Taken from the highway, as we are breaking through the very thick fog.

    Dark and scarry - stormy weather in Paris. Over the t/d

    Crap! ATC told us to go around because of some moron on the runway...

    Just a pic that somebody took as we were begining to flare

    Going around. Can you see the Air Canada Boeing 767-300? (Right side of the picture - just pushed back from the gate)

    We then went around and were told to ladn on runway 27R again. And GPS messed everything up again. Good old ILS was very usufull and we landed safely, thou touching down about 1/3 down the runway, due to very strong crosswind.

    Slowing down with revers thrusts, spoilers and speedbrakes.

    My try at panning - failed but u get the idea of how fast she's going

    Turning he last taxiway at the spee of about 45kias. Because we touched down so late it was reall hard to slow down, but we made it !!!

    Taxiing over the highway

    At the gate. At our left we had an Air France Airbus A320 and at our right we had an Air France Airbus A330-200

    Finishing after flight report. In the background, Air France A320 just took off. Busy day at CDG.

    And that's it.

    Thank you for watching

    My next flight is: Air France/BritAir Bombardier CRJ-200 Paris - Brest

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    awesome shots as always man!
    Christian Vlček Sullivan | Through The Fence Photography
    Forever New Frontiers


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      Sweeeeeeeeet shots as normal


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        As always also...stunning shots!


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          Great screenies! Is that ActiveSky your using? Looks pretty awesome!


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            Originally posted by RingwaySam
            Great screenies! Is that ActiveSky your using? Looks pretty awesome!
            Looks like FSEnviroment?


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              Originally posted by Sam at MAN
              Looks like FSEnviroment?
              they look more or less the same
              Christian Vlček Sullivan | Through The Fence Photography
              Forever New Frontiers


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                Thank you ppl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                No these are FS dafault clouds

                I use Flight1 Flight Enviroment sometimes, but this time it was not installed

                I am planning to create a long movie called "Flying in Europe" It will be about 1 hour long and will be as real as possible including "pilot talks" etc.


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                  Very nice as always! What scenery is that?


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                    Nice shots. I like the the one thats flying over the water in early morning.

           - playing guitar


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                      Addons I used:

                      Airbus A340-300 by iFDG (freeware)
                      Ultimate Terrain Europe by Flight1 (payware)
                      Ground Environment Pro by Flight1 (payware)
                      Toronto L.B. Pearson Scenery by SimFlyers (payware)
                      Paris CDG Scenery by Aerosoft (not sure)(payware)
                      Utimate Traffic by Flight1 (payware)
                      Water Textures (freeware)



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                        Ifdg doesn't make an a343. Must have meant Posky.
                        Great shots anyhow.


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                          Originally posted by JordanD
                          Ifdg doesn't make an a343. Must have meant Posky.
                          Great shots anyhow.
                          Lol yeah. My bad. Posky's A343

                          Btw. Rite now I am rendering my first FS2004 movie. I will upload it to YouTube and post a link here asap Hope you will liek it as much as my shots


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                            Originally posted by pkonowrocki
                            "liek" is not a real word
                            Christian Vlček Sullivan | Through The Fence Photography
                            Forever New Frontiers


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                              Originally posted by [email protected]
                              "liek" is not a real word
                              Your so picky