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Why I love Ultimate Terrain Europe

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  • Why I love Ultimate Terrain Europe

    Just four shots showing why I love Ultimate Terrain Europe sooo much. This addon I acually bought (lol) and I wanted to thank guys from Flight1 for the time they spent on it and the ammount of work they put into it. UT"Europe is worth any penny you spend on it, cause results are as real as NASA images

    These pics were taken at about 20pm local time. They show London Heathrow Airport area as well as London area.

    PS. I also used LHR scenery by UK2000 and Ground Environment PRO

    LHR with it's highways and mainteneacnce roads

    Major highways leadingto the city of London as well as small streets - all lit up. Look at the details at highway intersections

    Zooming out - you can see places where bigger disctrics are located

    And my favourite:

    Showing part of London city You can almsot mistake it with a real picture.

    Here's the NASA picture of London by night:

    I hope you liked them cause I love them

    More shots showing big European cities coming soon. I'll also post some night approach shots which look really awesome.

    And now you know why I'm staying with FS2004 and not FSX

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    UT Europe is an awesome piece of kit
    Christian Vlček Sullivan | Through The Fence Photography
    Forever New Frontiers


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      Looks gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd Im 'getting' it now


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        Originally posted by Sam at MAN
        Looks gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd Im 'getting' it now
        It's more than 1.5 gig. I got it on DVD


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          Originally posted by pkonowrocki
          It's more than 1.5 gig. I got it on DVD
          1.45gb 61.4% And i started it at about 10:30 this morning and its 17:37, i cant complain! lol