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MyTravel Boeing 767-300: London EGLL (UK) -> Girona LEGE (Spain)

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  • MyTravel Boeing 767-300: London EGLL (UK) -> Girona LEGE (Spain)

    Hey, sup guys.

    Just posting some shots from the flight that I did today. I hope you will like them

    Aircraft: Boeing 767-300
    Airline: My Travel Airlines
    Registration: G-SJMC
    Callsign: Kestrel 3058
    Flight No: MT3058
    Pax: 231
    Crew: 2 pilots; 6 f/a
    Fuel: 20%
    Fuel left: 8%

    Cruising altitude: 35000ft (FL350)
    Cruising speed: 290kias
    Distance: about 600nm

    Origin: Heathrow International Airport; London; United Kingdom (EGLL)
    Destination: Girona international Airport; Girona (Costa Brava); Spain (LEGE)
    Runway used for take-off (EGLL): 09L
    Runway used for landing (LEGE): 20 Visual
    Gate (EGLL): 182 Medium
    Gate (LEGE): 4 Small

    Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2006
    Scheduled boarding time: 06:15
    Boarding time: 06:15
    Scheduled take off time: 06:45
    Take off time: 06:45
    Scheduled arrival time: 8:45
    Arrival time: 09:05
    Scheduled flight time: 2:00
    Flight time: 2:20

    Real time weather powered by Active Sky 6.0
    Take off weather (EGLL): Scattered clouds; visibility less than 5 miles; medium turbulences; wind 085/15kias
    Runway conditions: Wet

    Landing weather (LEGE): Broken clouds; visibility less that 15 miles; light turbulences; wind 196/08kias
    Runway conditions: Dry

    As soon as I got to my office, and checked the weather, I knew that the flight won’t be as much fun as it usually is. Thick layer of clouds, from 1500ft up to 20000ft. Fog, wind, rain at 8000ft, turbulences etc. Well you could still see the sun behind the clouds, but it was not what I would like it to be. Anyway, we begun our boarding and cockpit preparations at 06:15 local time (morning). Scheduled flight time was to be about two hours long, but there is a headwind on our way so the flight itself will take longer and we will be late for Girona. Heathrow was pretty empty at that time of the day – next to us we had two British Airways Airbus A320 jets and a Malev Boeing 737 boarding. Cockpit preparations took about 15 minutes and programming FMC another 15 minutes, so at 06:45 we were ready to push back and begin our flight to Spain. We requested pushback at 06:45 and took off at 06:55.

    Anyway enough said – here come the shots. Enjoy
    Just closed the passenger and cargo doors and “got rid” of the air bridge. We are now ready to push back, start our engines and taxi to the active.

    Our flight plan for today

    Seen here waiting for pushback.

    If you look closer you can see British Airways Airbus A320 and Alitalia Airbus A321 paked in the background.

    Taken by the airport coordinator just before we left the gate.

    We are now being pushed back. We were told to later taxi to the active – runway 09L

    Turning onto the taxiway

    Later, after a 10 minute taxi, we got the active. We were cleared to take off, even though the United Boeing 777 jet was on short final…FS ATC is retarded.
    Anyway we turned on to the runway, performed checklist etc. and took off. Wasn’t easy due to the crosswind.

    Turning on to the active

    “Heathrow tower, Kestrel 3058 at runway 09L ready to take off, IFR to Girona”

    And we are up. United Airlines Trip-7 flight from Chicago O’Hare is going around, behind us.

    Take of was quite fast, due to our “empty” tanks – only 20% fuel

    Just looking at the terminal ,we were boarding at earlier.

    Over the parking lot, cargo area and maintenance buildings.

    Banking right, about to enter the clouds.

    Over London suburbs… judging from the map cause you can’t see much of the ground.

    Still in the turbulence area. Even the autopilot had problems with staying on course

    Climbing to FL350. Over the La Manche channel.

    Some clouds in front of us – entering France, switching to Paris Center freq.

    Now at our cruising altitude of 35000ft.

    Bad weather over Northern France

    About half way done. Passing somewhere over Bordeaux area.

    Just another cruise shot

    Then we have begun our descent to 2500 feet. I chose to perform visual approach which was not the best idea due to cloudy and windy weather. But the landing was surprisingly good.

    Approaching runway 20.

    Just got our landing clearance.

    On final runway 20.

    Snapped this shot of a Mooney Bravo holding short…

    …And he snapped a shot of us

    Taken by some local spotter…or a tourist. I don’t know why but I reallllllly like this shot

    Touching down smoothly

    Slowing down from 135kias. Passing some local farm...

    Oops – end of the runway in sight…

    Look who’s that…a small, tiny Ryanair. Now it’s out turn to laugh at you

    Who said that size doesn’t matter?

    Hmm…. Something’s missing…but I don’t know what.

    I love tail shots

    Unloading cargo

    Gear inspection. I do not thin kit is necessary to change tires. She will fly back to LHR in about three hours.

    She has a nice pair of engines

    And that’s it. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoy these shots. Please leave a comment. I will try to upload more shots soon.

    One bonus shot for you guys lol

    Thomsonfly Boeing 767-300 boarding at London Heathrow Airport before flight to the Greek island of Kos.

    Thx for watching

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    nice one...i'm just in the middle of a Singapore-Frankfurt flight which was a continuation from Perth-Singapore lastnight...using the PMDG 744, currently, just over India tracking 303 to OTABA.

    will do some pics in a few mins..

    next trips
    USA/DXB August.


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      Great shots! Nice detail.

      Originally posted by pkonowrocki
      Climbing to FL350. Over the La Manche channel
      That's the English Channel btw




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        Never Disappointed!



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          stunning as always Patryk!


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            Almost to good to be real.

            Nice edit, patryk. !
            Inactive from May 1 2009.


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              Originally posted by G-DALE
              That's the English Channel
              Oh well it's La Manche in Fench and they tought me that in Poland. I didn't know it's called Englsih channel in UK lol. Thx for info

              Thank you guys. I am glad you liked my shots again

              More to come


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                Amazing as always!

                *sorry about late post was in Lanzarote *