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Antonov 225 Pays A Special Visit.... (56K Warning)

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  • Antonov 225 Pays A Special Visit.... (56K Warning)

    Howdy folks,

    As some of you may already know, the Antonov AN-225 paid a special visit to Manchester some three weeks ago. Anyway a couple of days ago (out of boredom) I basically decided to do a reconstruction of her visit in Flight Sim. She stayed in Manchester for a total of four days and when she finally departed (two days late), she took stage equipment for a Snoop Dogg concert to Lagos, Nigeria via Tripoli for the weekend after. Anyway, time for the screenshots me thinks....

    1st October 2006 - The Arrival

    Aircraft: Antonov An-225 Mriya
    Airline: Antonov Airlines
    Registration: UR-82060
    Flight Number: ADB116F
    Origin Airport: Shijiazhuang - Zhengding (SJW / ZBSJ), China
    Arrival Airport: Manchester (MAN/EGCC), United Kingdom
    Cruise Altitude: 32,000ft
    Cruise Speed: Mach .85

    Seen shortly before beginning our descent over the North Sea For Manchester.

    The flightdeck. I don't even know what half of it means as it's in Russian

    After a fairly steep and fast descent we being our approach over the Pennines of the North West. Not long to go now...

    "Landing gear down........... 32 greens"

    Here she comes!...

    Touchdown on Rwy 24R at 14:56L.

    Rolling out after a smokey arrival.

    Passing by a busy Aviation Viewing Park whilst on taxiway Alpha.

    Seen at approx midnight during a good night's rest on Stand 80.

    2nd October 2006 - Rest Day

    Sat on the ramp idle all day.

    3rd October 2006 - Loading Begins

    The three 45ft curtainsider vehicles are about to enter her belly (3 Scania R124 6x2/4 420's to be exact )

    4th October 2006 - Loading Continues

    Now delayed by two days and she's still being loaded.

    Finally it looks like we're all set. The next ETD is now 12:00 tomorrow.

    Gotta love this 'Granny Flat' of a cockpit

    5th October 2006 - Departure Day

    Aircraft: Antonov An-225 Mriya
    Airline: Antonov Airlines
    Registration: UR-82060
    Flight Number: ADB1264
    Origin Airport: Manchester (MAN/EGCC), United Kingdom
    Arrival Airport: Tripoli (TPI/HLLT), Libya
    Cruise Altitude: 32,000ft
    Cruise Speed: Mach .83

    Looks like we can finally make a move. The flight crew prepare for departure.

    ...And we're off! Slowly taxiing towards the runway for takeoff on a wet and misty morning.

    Swinging onto Rwy 24L for takeoff. Time for the 10 minute engine run

    Beginning to rotate a fair way down the runway.

    Climbing into the mist and murk at 12:09L.

    Making a sharp left turn on the HON 1Y SID out of Manchester.

    On course for Tripoli as we slowly climb to our cruise altitude.

    That's about it for now folks, hope you enjoyed it All comments and queries welcome.



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    Very nice shots man. Now you'r probably gonna call me a copycat cause I'm doing the same flight for two hours now lol .Just the differenc is that I'm flying from Moscow - not Beijing Anyway great shots. Btw. cockpit is really ease if you know russian, but even without it you can work stuff out just by the look


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      That's awesome Dale!


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        awesome Dale
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          Awesome shots. Panel is a little, well, flat.


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            Excellent set!


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              Thanks alot fellas! The cockpit was a little strange at first but after a while I managed to work out what everything was.

              Patryk, don't worry about copying




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                Great screenies Dale!
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                  That's amazing. The AN225 is a lovely plane and you managed to impress me with your screenshot set.
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                    This panel was quite easy to use. But Tupolev TU-154's panel is hard even for me...


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                      Cool shots Dale!


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                        Wow shots 4,5, and the last two are just great. That plane is truly magnificent.

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                          Snoop Dogg must have some stage show for such elaborate transportation of it

                          Nice shots.


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                            Thanks again fellas




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                              Nice shots, where did you get the aircraft from?