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  • Portland Fun!

    Hi all,

    I recently purchased the new Portland FlightZone scenery from FlightScenery, and I must say, while it's not the busiest or largest airport in the world, the scenery is absolutely second to none.

    Here are a few shots of the scenery in action!

    Short final runway 10L with a stiff northeasterly breeze, but spectacular weather conditions. Arriving as LH468 from Frankfurt (the normal A340-300 was subbed with a 744 today ).

    LH468 safely parked at gate D13, Lufthansa's typical gate. In the background, NW5 is preparing for its noontime departure to Narita, and a Cactus 733 is holding short of 10L to allow a Horizon Dash 8 to land.

    A panoramic of a busy PDX on a glorious autumn day.

    Special schemes abound on a clear fall morning at Portland.

    As evening falls, a marshaller mans his position. The motion of the almost human-looking marshallers in this scenery is incredible, as are the ground details (such as the drainage grate shown in this shot).

    The morning outbound push is just about to start on this beautiful spring morning.

    Hope you enjoyed this series of screenshots, and I can't stress enough, if you appreciate accurate FS2004 scenery, you need to get this package. It'll blow your mind!!
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    Beyond words, Simply incredible. Great screenies!


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      very nice...people must think we're absolute nutjobs spending time and money on PC flying to nowhere...

      next trips
      USA/DXB August.


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        wow... me want

        awesome shots Chris


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          Made by the same guys that designed PVD. One of the designers was myself actually. I was providing some pictures . It takes him forever to make, but when it comes out, the payoff is worth it.


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            Holy !!! that's some sick scenery!!! And I love your AI Chris !!!


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              Thats just awesome. Nice shots.

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       real! Where can I get the Dash 8 AI model?
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                  Amazing! Hopefully stuff for fs9 will keep coming out. As many people's systems can't handle FS X.