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Problem with altitude/altimeter

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  • Problem with altitude/altimeter

    Hey senior/student pilots

    I was flying an Emirates 773 flight from London to Dubai when I had experienced a strange thing...but let's start from begining.
    I was cruising at FL400. It was all cool My altimeter was set at 2992 for the whole time as told by the ATC. When I was getting closer to UAE ( about an hour away) I entered Iranian airspace and was told by Tehran's ATC that altimeter is still 2992. But after sometime altimeter in my plane wnet crazy and suddenyl jumped to ??? I pressed ctrl+z to check and it said that my altitude is still 40000ft. But then ATC is yelling to descened and maintain FL400. So I descend and as soon as I reach 40000 my altimeter changes from 2992 to something like 956 and shows that I am less than 10000ft above the ground. So I climb and again - 50000. And Iit goes like that until I live Iranian it a well know bug ? Does it happen in Iran only or some other parts of the world too ? And how can I avoid it ?

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    Next time this occurs try pressing the B key. That should reset your altimeter back to the correct figure... in this case 2992.

    Hope that helps,



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      Thanx for reply Dale !

      I tried pressing B as well but nothing really happened...stayed same lol. I guess it's a bug...


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        Yeah you need to try and reset it manually. This has happened to me before.


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          For a start you should be declaring Iranian Airspace a No fly zone maybe you were hit by a S.A.M !