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EasyJet Boeing 737-700: Paris (France) -> London Gatwick (UK)

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  • EasyJet Boeing 737-700: Paris (France) -> London Gatwick (UK)

    Hey everone !!!

    Another flight I did few days ago. This time it's not a long, transcontinental flight. just a 45 minute jump from Paris to London on EasyJet's 737. Anyway the flight itself was quite interesting and exciting but also beutiful. Anyway time for shots:

    Btw. now uploading jpgs instead of bmps to reduce download time

    Aircraft: Boeing 737-700 (PMDG)
    Airline: EasyJet
    Registration: G-EZJD "Big @ Gatwick"
    Flight No: EJ359
    Callsign: Easy 359
    Origin: Charles De Gaulle International Airport; Paris; France
    Destination: Gatwick Airport; London; United Kingdom
    Cruising altitude: 30000ft (FL300)
    Cruising speed: 300kias
    Scheduled departure time: 18:30
    Actual departure time: 18:35
    Scheduled flight time: 0.45h
    Actual flight time: 0.45h
    Scheduled arrival time: 19:20
    Actual arrival time: 19:25

    Boarding time. Quick shot of the empty cabin before everyone enters

    View from my seat (3A)

    Boarding at the gate. Btw. forgot to mention - weather was you can see

    About to request pushback

    Pushedback. Starting engines and performing last checks before taxiing to the active

    Taxiing to the active. Alitalia MD-80 took off in the background, flight to Roma

    Taken by some airport worker

    Leaving the apron

    Some Euro traffic boarding at the gates

    Sup KLM ?

    Passing the terminal

    Left everything behind....taxiing to the runway....long loooong way to get there

    Holding short

    Cleared to take off. I was told to fly runway heading, climb and maintain 10000ft. Then I'll just press LNav and sit back and watch


    Nuclear plant can be seen in the background

    Fighting the rain adn some turbulences

    Climbing through clouds


    Leaving Paris

    Still climbing

    At Fl300, over the British Chanel or w/e it is called. For me it's La Manche

    Some nice light as the sun begins to set

    Good Evening Mr. Moon

    Begining descend to our destination

    Watching the beautiful sunset over the western England as we descened towards our destination

    Passing some British city

    On final

    On final

    Spotters view

    Where did my F/O go ???? lol

    Seconds from touchdown

    Over some spotters' cars parked down there

    Some traffic on the taxiway

    Big touching down at Gatwick

    And that's it. Hope you liked my shots

    Rite now I'm doing EasyJet's flight from Gatwick to Warsaw :P

    Thanks for watching


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    Nice screens man, btw as a rule, Orly usually uses the closer runway for departures and the farther one for landings


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      Great screenshots as usual mate!
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        Originally posted by Leftseat86
        Nice screens man, btw as a rule, Orly usually uses the closer runway for departures and the farther one for landings
        He departed from CDG, not ORY.


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          Wow, very nice screenshots, great.

          My other pictures:


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            Once again veeeery nice shots!


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              Originally posted by Foxtrot
              He departed from CDG, not ORY.

              Durr, I should have noticed the 26R designator on the runway and the new


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                Thank you guys for comments. I am happy you liked them again

                And yes thanx for advice about Orly. In fact I took off from CDG but I'm planning a short jump from Orly to Marseille today so I'll remember what you said
                Thx again


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                  Cool, Marseilles is fun. Take pics.


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                    Originally posted by Leftseat86
                    Cool, Marseilles is fun. Take pics.
                    Sure I'm flying Air France Airbus A320. I'm planing to hop on a Bell Jetranger to Monaco later