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My best screenshot set ever !!! Well worth a look (warn. 56k)

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  • My best screenshot set ever !!! Well worth a look (warn. 56k)

    Hey guys and guls

    I decided to change my editing styl and I'm really pleased with the result

    Basicly the shots are now more detailed, sharp, all have a frame, and i added some nosie to make them look like a real photograph.

    So yea. Here come the shots.

    Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F
    Airline: Aeroflot Russian International Airlines
    Registration: N524MD
    Callsign: Aeroflot 259 Heavy
    Flight No. SU259
    Cruising altitue: 30000ft
    Cruising speed: 300kias
    Origin: Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport [Terminal 1] (UUEE)
    Destination: St. Petersburg Pulkovo International Airport (ULLI)
    Date: 17 November 1992 (real date is 17/11/06)
    Departure time: 09:15
    Arrival time: 11:05
    Weather in UUEE: Broken clouds, light crosswind, light icing (snow) and light turbulences. Temperature (-2), dew point (-12)
    Weather in ULLI: Broken clouds, medium crosswind, no icing, light turbulences, Temperature (0), dew point (-10)
    Runway used for take off (UUEE): 25R
    Runway used for landing (ULLI): 10R (Visual)

    At the gate. Loading cargo and some stuff that will fly with me to St. Petersburg.

    A look at Sheremetyevo's Terminal 1. Aeroflot Il-86 just took off to Irkutsk

    Taxiing to the active, passing the main terminal

    Presenting now: Sheremetyevo's Terminal 2


    About to enter the runway. We had to hold short because of Aeroflot T-7 taking off to Seattle, US

    About to kick some snow up as we prepare for take off run

    Oops...wrong shutter speed...

    Going up with some problems - becsue of our heavy load

    Gear up as we leave Moskva

    Bon voyage !

    Hmm....doesn't look too good.....

    "Aeroflot 259 Heavy, turn right heading 290, proceed on cource. Climb and maintain 10000"

    Dramatic fight with nature

    Finally - abouve the clouds settign the altimeter back to 2992

    At FL300. About 250nm till ULLI


    Approaching ST. Petersburg's Pulkovo Intl. Airport

    View at the city subburbs an dthe "Fin'skaya" bay

    On final....crosswind

    REALISM !!!!!

    Over the treshold

    Pardon my shutter again....

    Wow pretty empty...

    At the gate. She will now continue her cargo flight to a nearby city of Helsinki, Finland. Then she will come back with a special load to Moscow and then, using an MD-11F the laod will fly to the city of Novosibirsk (Siberia) and Irkutsk.

    Well yea thank you for wasting you time and looking at my shots

    Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

    PS. Shots requested by John are coming (SAS 737 Fra-Hels)


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    Wow, very nice set.


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      Pardon my excitement about this. I can't really say nothing else than that it doesn't get any better than this. Exactly WOW is oly what I can say right now. Your edit is definitely better like you said. You should keep up the good work, Patryk. Well done. *applause* Oh btw I like the blurred shots. (wrong shutter speed) lolz. Nice choice for this flight, what model is that, dude?

      Ps. The "IL-86" in the second shots looks like an Mad Dog to me.
      Pss. Thanks for not wasting our time this time hahaha just kidding.
      Inactive from May 1 2009.


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        Awesom shots as normall dude


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            Nice. What scenery do you have?


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              Very nice set indeed, though the SU D10 looks somewhat inappropriately dirty for this photo-shooting .


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                Thaaaaaaaaaanks for comments friends !!!!!

                The "IL" in the second shot is a DC-9...that's what happens when you use Flight1's Ultimate Traffic LOOOOOOOOOOl. I;'m planing to create my own Russian AI thou

                The DC-10 is by SGA - freeware, on Aeroflot textures come from

                The scenery that I use for Moscow is a freeware, extremely detailed one that you can find on
                There is one bug thou - scenery is for FS2002 so the afcad does not work too well - you see planes taxiing on the ground but who cares

                The Pulkovo scenery is also freeware - here:

                Moscow's ground scenery is a freeware, photoreal pack from

                I aslo use UT Europe and UTerrain

                Thank you again for comments

                Next shots: SAS (requested by John )


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                  If this was the best yet, I'd hate to see previous ones!!

                  Just kidding of course, Pat! Love the shots!


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                    Once again man, amazing screenies!