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    I have that in my bedroom .

    But seriously, WOW. That must of cost a hell of alot to build!

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    Daaaaamn. I want something like this for a 787

    KDEN approach was crazyyyyy


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      You cheaky git!


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        1) Aside from the software, I wonder what he used for the sim, MSFS?

        2) There must be some amount of automation. If that was true to a 777 you would have a lot of learning to do.

        The Simulator
        The Simulator has been built over 6 years in a garage in Camberley.

        Initially started by Gary as a 10 year project it soon became obvious that the hardware/software available at the time was not sufficient to create a 99% replica of a Boeing 777 so Gary teamed up with Mark.

        Over time Gary and Mark created a custom 777 avionics suite and some ingenious (bodged!?!?) hardware to create one of the most complete 777 homebuilt cockpits in the world.

        The sim runs on 11 PC's ranging from an old Celeron 400 to a brand new Athlon64 4000+ with 2gb RAM, 2 x 512mb Graphics cards all running on a 100mbit ethernet network.

        The hardware interfaces are based both on the EPIC card by R&R Electronics and custom built USB and Serial interfaces.

        The sim currently has a 7ft high definition front projected view out the windshield and 2 high definition side windows. This provides an excellent impression of speed and movement. Infact people have fallen over when standing up during tight turns!

        Aside from the outside views all the software has been custom written by Mark and Gary running via a custom TCP/IP based data protocol.
        That's the description of the software. I would like to see this thing in person and learn about the interface vs. a real sim.
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