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    Aqaba, Jordan - Venice, Italy

    Ready to depart Jordan.

    Turning out of Aqaba Intl after takeoff from Runway 1.

    Climbing to cruise over the South Eastern Mediterranean.

    Crusing at FL480, approaching the Adriatic Sea.

    Banking to the right as we begin our descent into Venice.

    Entering the Italian mainland over the North East coastline.

    Banking onto the approach for 4R.

    Just before we lower the landing gear.

    Cessna on short final as we near touchdown.

    Retarding the engines.

    Parked at the gate with an Alitalia A319 pushing back for departure to Rome Fiumicino, and an Iberia MD-80 and Tyrolean Turboprop parked alongside our Concorde.

    Thanks for viewing - next flight is Venice, Italy to Lisbon, Portugal



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      Very nice indeed
      I could never last that long flying and uploading all them shots


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        It was painful having to upload them all by the Fiji-Sydney flight but I've got a shortcut routine that makes it easier now - I'm just glad it's almost over and I can fly leisure routes, i'm just determined not to give up on this! Thanks for the kind comments Sam!

        Here's Venice - Lisbon

        A truly international affair at Tessera this afternoon, with BA, AF, IB, AZ and DL all present.

        Climbing through a cloudy Venice.

        Turning onto our flightpath on this the penultimate leg of our round the world tour!

        Ascending over Northern Italy.

        Cruising at Mach 2.00, FL500 over the Pyrenees.

        Just prior to descent, NorthWest of Madrid.

        Descending through 9,000ft about 20 miles South of Lisbon.

        Tower view of Alpha Charlie as we turn onto the approach.

        Airport in sight.

        Gliding over the bridge that always causes me to feel I'm in SFO.

        Next and final leg of the trip will be Lisbon, Portugal to New York (John F Kennedy Intl), USA.



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          I'm happy to say that I've not finished my tour and I can stop boring you with my Concorde screenies! I've landed in Kennedy and since flown back to Heathrow 777 style!

          Here's the screenies from the twelfth and final leg of G-BOAC's round the world tour.

          Pushback from Stand 41

          Powering Up as an Iberia Mad Dog departs ahead of us.

          Turning out of Lisbon.

          Climbing through FL400.

          Crusing over a cloudy East Atlantic Ocean.

          Above us a vast blue expanse.

          Decelleration over Newfoundland.

          Keek!! Says the sun.

          Turning onto JFK's 31R approach.

          Short Final.

          Here she comes...

          ...there she goes.

          Speed Bird 9596C at the end of her journey.

          A quick glance at the route we took on our global circumnavigation.



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            Amazing last set of shots there

            Been fun watching this tour

            I bet you never want to fly Concorde in FS again


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              Thanks again for this tour which was interesting and fun to chart. Hope your lucky passengers enjoyed it.
              Thanks for visiting
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