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    Sorry for the poor screenshots, they appear darker than what they did in Flight Simulator. I must say I did not enjoy this flight as much as I should of, encountered numourous problems that are not evident in the screenies.

    Aircraft: Boeing 737-400
    Airline: Pacifica
    Registration: G-CGWS
    Flight Number: 683
    Departure Airport: Durham Tees Valley MME/EGNV
    Arrival Airport: London Heathrow LHR/EGLL
    Cruise Altitude: 27,000ft
    Cruise Speed: As fast as the damn thing could go!

    Ok, let's begin, sat at the gate prior to pushback:

    Taxiing to the active runway:

    Cessna going in to land whilst I wait behind a Cessna Caravan who is ahead of me, I am no.2 in the departure que:

    Lined up on the runway ready for take-off:


    Runway in the background as I begin my trip to London:

    Banking to the right after take-off:

    At 10,000ft climbing to FL130:

    At my cruising altitude of FL270:

    Descending (rather urgently):

    The ILS has just lined me up with London Heathrow's runway 9L:

    Getting closer:

    And closer...

    Short finals (with a Boeing 737-400 and McDonnell Douglas MD83 both departing):

    Feet back on the ground (I touched down at the beginning of the extended centreline, but I ain't complainin):

    Aerial shot of the above:

    Full reverse thrust, spoilers, flaps and whatever the hell that over thing I pressed was:

    Since I decided to taxi without the help ATC, I came head-to-head with a McDonnell Douglas MD83 which was taxiing on the same taxiway but in the opposite direction to me! Was he gonna move or was I?

    Taxiing to wherever the hell I feel like:

    I disrupted operations by parking on the taxiway in such a position that I could admire the five parked bmi Airbus A320s, the first one being G-MIDO, the hybrid one being either G-MIDY or Z and the other four I dunno but all in the new livery:

    That's all guys, hope you like! Comments welcome.