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Some FSX Questions

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  • Some FSX Questions

    So I'm pretty sure I'm going to get FSX for Christmas, so I've got a few questions...
    1.) I cant really find any good add-ons for it. Are there any websites besides avsim and flightsim that have some good ones? When do you think there will be more FSX add-ons starting to come out?
    2.) Is there any realistic airline AI traffic out for it yet?
    3.) I've heard that some files from FS9 will be pacthed into FSX, will this be only select or all?

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    Hey there bud!

    Well your pretty sure meaning that you guess that your parents...ehmm Santa are getting you FSx
    Anyway, try for addons. I see new ones liek everyday there. For traffic I know taht there is an addon (payware) called MyTraffic X. Just google it. And you can merge aircrafts. Just visit their sites and downlaod patches (i.e. Leve-D).
    hope that helps