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  • FS9 Starting Problem

    I have a huge problem for FS2004 and it's getting soo annoying I'm about to break my laptop, but I wont since it's only 6 months old.

    The problem started like 4 day ago, when I tried to start up FS9. When I click on the FS9 icon on my desktop screen, I get the usual "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Century of Flight screen" and the usual pop up saying "Flight simulator has detected potentially incompatbile aircraft or software, File: FSSound.dll, Do you want to load this software? Click No to disable this software" Every time I clicked on "yes" it works fine. After that, the "FS2004" screen just disappears. EVERY TIME now!! I spent all day trying to troubleshoot the problem at Microsoft's FS2004 Support Center but none of them helped my problem. I downloaded the No CD patch for FS9, thought it was a CD problem but it's not..I even uninstall FS9 and re-installed it 3 TIMES!!! and still have that same problem. The FS9 patch didnt help either.
    Other then that, I have no idea on what it disappears like that..I spent soo much money on payware stuff it's not even funny, perhaps I'll try FSX next. Anyone have any advice on how to troubleshoot this annoying problem?

    I used this site, to help me troubleshoot the problem, but it do me any good.


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    Hi Kevin,

    I'm glad you posted this here, the fix is really VERY simple. FSSound.dll is a Module used by some addons, mostly Freeware to produce and activate sounds on the panel. FS9 displays this message since FSSound was produced before FS2004 (for FS2002) and if I'm not mistaken, the producer of it sadly died which explains why it was never updated for FS2004, none the less, it is still compatible with FS9.

    Now, if you click on Yes, FS2004 like you said will run ok, if you click on No, it will simply just lock or close itself and if you remove the .dll file (BTW it is located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Modules if you have your PC set this way) it will not show this message and will run properly, but there is no need to do this. There is a quick fix to continue to use this rather important file, which is this.

    You need to open your main FS9.cfg file, which by default is located in:

    C:/Documents and Settings/Your Login Name/Application Data/Microsoft/FS9/fs9.cfg

    NOTE: You NEED to activate the Hidden Folders option, which you can do by clicking inside a Folder: Tools>Folder Options>View>Under "Hidden Files and Folders", check the circle that says "Show hidden files and folders" and then Apply.

    Now, when you locate the FS9.cfg file, open it with any text editor, I used Notepad. If you do use Notepad to open it, be sure to enable Word Wrap (Format>Word Wrap).

    Scroll down down until the end of the text file and enter EXACTLY these two lines:


    Don't leave any spaces or nothing just paste them under the last line in the FS9.cfg file. Save it, if you want to hide the folders again, then do the reverse procedure and close the folders.

    Now Run FS9 and see that this message will no longer pop up or crash your FS9.

    Hope this "guide" was helpful!

    Have a Merry Christmas and New Year!


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      Hey Tomas, well, that fixed that problem...seems like another problem just arose.

      I now get a pop up saying "Flight Simulator was unable to load some aircraft or software. You can continue Flight Simulator but this aircraft or software will be disabled. File: PMDGOptions.DLL.

      Still it won't let me run on FS as the starting screen disappears. I however, deleted my PMDG 747-400 and hoped it would've worked, but it hasn't.

      Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas!!!


      EDIT: I found the PMDGOptiond.dll in the modules folder, backed it up and that pop up is gone. I may have FS2004 back up and running soon. I hope!!!


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        Sounds like you need to go to your modules folder and delete that module.

        Cheers and happy xmas


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          Just did! Now the problem that I'm still concerned why Flight Sim is still quitting on me for no apparent reason...I may have to try to reinstall it once more. Merry Xmas!


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            If it's not too much of a problem i'd try re-installing it, that'll fix all the broken modules.


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              Hey Sam,

              Yea, I don't mind reinstalling it since I've already done it 3 times...if this doesnt work, I think I'll pick a copy of FSX this week.

              Merry Christmas!



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                I get this every time. Just click no and it might work, it does for me.


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                  When your installing stuff like the PMDG try not to overwrite the modules that FS has created in the first place. Might help...


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                    Originally posted by JordanD
                    I get this every time. Just click no and it might work, it does for me.
                    Jordan, that is NOT the problem I'm having. However, it's been fixed. If you go to this site,, the problem im having is from Micrsoft "the game shows the splash screen and then quits unexpectedly when you try to start Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight" which I don't think the FSSound.dll file has to do anything with it.

                    Sam, as for PMDG, it's been deleted. I fixed the FSSound.dll problem and re-installed it, but none of that has worked. FS is still not running and automatically shuts down when I get that "intro" screen. I do not get any error messages on this problem. Thanks again!