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  • PMDG 747 Config

    hi all,

    just wondering if anyone can help me out, i like to configure my 747 using the program that came with aircraft, everytime i configure for a flight and load FS it gives me the damn default settings that go with the FS 747.

    so i have to mess around with the configuration on FS to match up with the PMDG configuration. is there any possible way of stopping the default 747 settings associated with FS from appearing on my PMDG FMC?


    next trips
    USA/DXB August.

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    Hi Montague,

    Is like the same issue I have with the Level D 767... I thing after you use the load/edit program that gets installed with the 747, you use and load the airplane as you like, and then just click Fly Now, disregarding the info displayed at the Fuel and Payload

    This helped me with the 767


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      Yeah do not go in and change the payload weights. You can add/remove fuel as you wish. Just make sure you don't change any payload or even open that section.