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  • Just one edit...

    ...that I like and I hope that you will also like. The aircraft is Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-15 representing Polish Air Force number 018...

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    Wow.. That was my expression when I saw this Mig15, It's pretty hot dude.

    Can you tell me how you did this old-aged-photo edit, in PS ?

    Pat, I like you different styles to your screen-shots. Keep on impressing us. mate !
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        Christ Patrick, thats BEAUTIFUL! Keep up the good work


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          Looks like a real shot!


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            Thank you for your comments I'm really glad to hear.

            Thsi gives me an idea. Do you want me to write a little tutorial on editing screenshots for where iwill include different methods that I use ?

            Btw. that 's what i did to this one (I used Corel Paint Shop Pro X):

            1. First I used "Fade Correction"(Adjust->Color->Fade Correction) to get better colors. I set it to 50%
            2. I played with the contrast to get the lighter areas to be lighter and darker areas to be darker (Adjust->Brightness & Contrast->Brightnes/Contrast). I set brightness to -15 and contrast to 15 to et best result for this shot.
            3. I changed the picture to the black and white one using an "infrared Film Effect" (Effects->Photo Effects->Infrared Film). I set Strength to 70, Flare to 30 and Grain to 30.
            4. Then i got the image of a Polish Eagle Stamp. I changed it to black and whtie (Effects->Photo Effects->Black And White Film). As a filter I used Green color and set the strength to 70. Then I copied thei image and pasted to my screenshot as a new layer. In that layer options I chose the layer to be "burnt in". And the opacity to 25%.
            5. Then i did the same with my name. Chsoe the opacity to be 25%.
            6. Then I applied a frame to this shot (Image->Picture Frame). the frame is called "Edge Painted 05". I had to crop the picture several times to get the fram in the perfect position.
            7. At the end I applied texture on top of the finished shot (Effects->Texture Effects->Texture). The texture I applied is called "Paper Smooth Heavy". Now this is where there are lots of options. I chose the following ones: Size 99%; Smoothless 0; Depth 1; Ambience 0; Shininess 0; Angle 315; Intensity 50; Elevation 30.
            8. After my screenshot was finished and I was happy with it i saved it as a best qualioty jpg (File->Export->Jpeg Optimizer). I set compression value to 1.

            That's it. i hope this little tutorial is easy to understand and to follor. i can write more tutorials if you want


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     it alot, Pat!
              Keep it up!