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  • Cdg-nce Af A320

    Well one of my friends let me borrow his FS9 for a while last semester so I managed to get a couple of flights in. This is the only one I took screenshots on.

    Here we go...

    AF iFDG A320

    Rotating away from CDG. I had a little too much rotation in there, I know. It's a bit tough to judge it using just a keyboard.

    Climbing away fairly steeply and pulling the gear in.

    Turning towards NCE.

    Over France somewhere.

    Not bad for a night shot.

    One of my faves.

    Some other traffic in the area.

    Also one of my faves.

    With the moon and some other traffic.

    Not long after pulling the gear back out, I entered an area of lower visibility.

    Interesting approach.

    Flaring over the numbers. Pretty nice approach using the keyboard. (Haha, no pun intended)

    Slowing down while trying to keep her on centerline and vortices dissipating but not quite gone yet. Note the traffic on final for 4R.

    Another one of my faves. Still slowing down on 4L.

    As seen from the pax view.

    And for an added bonus...
    I made an approach into ORD with the Cessna Citation II N504DW and landed on whichever runway I was on and decided to take off again. I was already at about 100kts by the time I saw the 737 crossing the runway a fair distance in front of me. By the time I rotated and flew above him, I was maybe 100-150 feet off the ground. Can't imagine what the pax were thinking when they saw me barreling toward them...

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    Very nice shots !!! And good job with landing. Definatelly some skills !!!


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      Thanks! The approach was pretty fun because I was flying the ILS and I saw on the GPS the it didn't quite line up with the runway. So after a little bit, I switched to a visual approach which was just before I took the approach shot. Only took some minor corrections, so it wasn't too bad.


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        Nice landing.
        Click Here for my aviation photographs.
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