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  • Optimizing FSX

    Im beginning to notice FSX minutely skipping on me. My graphics settings arent that high. Ive got the NVIDIA 7600 256 MB and 1 GB of Ram. I think the problem may be my HD speed. Ive got a 60 GB 5400 RPM. Should I move FSX to my 7200 RPM external drive? Or should I add a better video card or Ram?

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    Here's a guide from the PMDG people that may help you:

    With out knowing what the rest of your system specs are, I'd go with more RAM and a faster HDD. If you're going with RAM, get two 1 gig sticks that haved been matched (as opposed to some brands that are just two sticks randomly thrown together). I'm partial to higher end offerings from OCZ and Corsair, they both have great performace and quality.