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My First Screenies on FSX!

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  • My First Screenies on FSX!

    This was originally supposed to be a night flight, but because of the poor quality of the screenshots, I switched it from midnight to midday. The flight number was Orbit 345, 345 being an actual bmi flight number on the Durham Tees Valley - London Heathrow route, the last flight of the day to be specific, so I should have changed the flight code to Orbit 333, also a bmi operated MME-LHR flight, but the second of the day which departs at around midday. I don't yet have any bmi aircraft for FSX so I 'leased' the default Orbit Airlines Boeing 737-800W. Unfortunately, it had eyebrow windows, the B738W looks better without them IMO.

    Flight Information:
    Aircraft: Boeing 737-800W
    Airline: bmi (operated by Orbit Airlines)
    Registration: G-OBTA
    Flight Number: BD345
    Call Sign: Orbit 345
    Departure Airport: Durham Tees Valley [MME/EGNV]
    Arrival Airport: London Heathrow [LHR/EGLL]
    Cruise Altitude: FL270 [27,000ft]
    Cruise Speed: Full power
    Date: 16-02-07
    Scheduled Flight Time: 1 hour
    Actual Flight Time: 43 minutes
    Scheduled Departure Time: 12:00
    Actual Departure Time: 12:04
    Scheduled Arrival Time: 13:00
    Actual Arrival Time: 12:47
    Departed From Runway: 23 (ATC told me 05, but I used 23)
    Arrived On Runway: 09L (I wanted 27R so I could fly over all the famous London landmarks)
    Weather: Fair weather (FSX default weather theme)

    Ok, so let's begin, sat at the gate, awaiting push-back:

    Just after push-back. In the process of requesting taxi clearance:

    Taxiing to Runway 05, a very inaccurate looking Control Tower in the background, with a Dash8-Q100 parked in the wrong place:

    Lined up on the runway - sort of, because Durham Tees Valley has no parallel taxiway (yet), you have to taxi down the runway if you're using 05, I found this made it difficult for me to line up straight.

    Two shots of rotation, the first as seen from the Tower, the second taken by the maintenance guy working on the runway:

    I love this shot! Taken by one of the pax just after departure, I'm sure in real-life that winglet would be 'further away' if you know what I mean:

    Taken by one of the members of the Durham Tees Valley Airport Yahoo Group from the spotting spot at the end of 05:

    Quote from the film "Jungle Book" - I'm gone man, solid gone!:

    Turning left shortly after departure leaving Durham Tees Valley behind:

    At about 12,000ft, climbing to FL270:

    Cruising at FL270 with a nice contrail:

    From the very nice looking cockpit:

    One of the most significant changes in FSX is the virtual cockpit, instead of just a 'pilots view', you can now move the camera around the entire cockpit in virtual cockpit mode, and this is how Microsoft now intends you to fly:

    Begun my descent into London:

    Runway in sight! On final approach:

    As seen in Flyby camera mode:

    Getting nearer, no doubt by now LHR has realised who I am and is rushing all emergency equipment to Runway 09L:

    Two views, one from the default virtual cockpit view, the second from spot view:

    Over the threshold, as seen from London Heathrow Tower:

    Three shots, the first being touchdown, the second two being during the roll-out, firstly from the point of view of a passenger, secondly from the rear of the aircraft:

    Taxiing to the gate:

    Parked at the gate - 2 shots, the first as seen from 'locked spot' view, next to a Pacifica Airlines Bombardier CRJ700, the second as seen by the pax:

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, at the present time, there are no stairs or airbridges available, and due to Orbit Airlines 25-minute turnaround policy, we do not have time to wait for any, therefore we will not be held responsible for any broken legs sustained on disembarkment of the aircraft. Thank you.":

    Additional Information:
    For Flight Simulator X to run on my PC, I have to have the settings on fairly low, therefore there is a distinct lack of buildings at both Durham Tees Valley and London Heathrow. I think they parked me at Terminal 4, due to the route I flew, Terminal 1 would have been better, but never mind.

    That's all folks, hope you enjoyed. I'll be back with more in the not too distant future! Happy Landings!!

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    There is somthing up with your mipmaps. Other than that nice shots. Lucky you can play FSX


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      Yeah, you should remove the mipmaps from your texture files. There's a tutorial on the Posky website which explains everything step by step

      Other than that, nice screenshots!


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        Nice set of shots.


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          Originally posted by magic48
          Yeah, you should remove the mipmaps from your texture files. There's a tutorial on the Posky website which explains everything step by step

          Other than that, nice screenshots!
          Or, as this is the dafault paint, he should increase map filter or whatever its called in FS. it will also enhance you ground textures.


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            I get slightly better results in FSX but there's no competition to my FS2004 output. Yeh, it's nice to have a few extra things in FSX but without a DX10 graphics card and a super computer you're better sticking with FS2004.