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Back to work: LOT 762 EPWA-CYYZ

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  • Back to work: LOT 762 EPWA-CYYZ

    Yeah back to work guys...finally sittin back in the comfy 767 cockpit...of course on the right
    This time I was gonna fly from Warsaw to Toronto but becasue it's a spring season and not so many people actaully fly to Toronto, we got a smaller 767-200 instead of the 300 Anyway enjoy the shots !

    Aircraft: Boeing 767-200ER
    Airline: LOT Polish Airlines | Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT
    Registration: SP-LOA
    Flight No. LO051
    Callsign: LOT 051
    Origin: Warsaw Okecie Intl. Airport (EPWA); Poland
    Destination: Toronto Pearson Intl. Airport (CYYZ); Canada
    Flight time: around 8.5h

    Setting FMC for today :P Runway 29 departure as usual...

    Pretty bad weather in Warsaw...enjoyin the view at some traffic :P

    Parked at the new terminal. Next to Germanwings

    Glad to see "Gniezno" in such good shape

    Pushing back from the gate

    Ready to taxi, right in front of Norwegian

    Leaving the terminal area...finally able to speed up to 15kias

    Holding short runway 29.....

    .....because of the Austrian Arrows CRJ-200 on final

    Entering the active

    Slow and late rotation

    Heavy climb with full laod and 85% fuel in tanks.

    As seen by the spotter

    Good bye ! She'll be back tomorrow morning

    Slow rate of climb - 1000ft/min to Fl200 in order to burn some fuel first...we'll climb to FL350 as soon as we reach UK

    Climbing through some clouds

    Still climbing

    Chillin at FL200 over northern Poland

    Turning on our waypoint over Gdansk, heading to Scandinavia

    Some traffic

    Light clouds over the Baltic Sea

    More clouds over the Northern Sea as we are climbing to FL350

    Clear skies as we enter the Atlantic Ocean, being monitored by Shanwick Center

    Leaving some really nice contrails

    Half done. Passing greenladn, with Soenderstorm Center

    Canada in sight ! Tuning to Gander

    Booring stuff...northern Canada

    Looks like an empty highway down there :P

    Some clouds around Montreal

    Descending over Scarbourough. Getting ready for ILS 23

    Caught the localizer

    On final with Toronto downtown visible far away

    On final

    Heads down

    Ap off, with some xwinds

    Over "Wendy's" and the famosue Airport Rd. spotting place

    Over the piano keys

    Touchdown with Jazz CRJ-700 holding short

    Slowing down

    About to leave the runway as soon as possible

    Taxiing to the gate

    WTH is that Zoom trying to do ? o.0

    Preparing for gate arrival

    At the gate, shutting the engines, turning APU on

    At the gate, right next to AC ERJ

    Finally done !!!

    And that;s it. Hope you enjoyed these

    Thanks for your time

    Patryk/767 Pilot B)

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    Great set.


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      Thats some sweet scenery. Love the snow textures leaving Warsaw in pic 8.


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        another stunning set!


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          Thank you very much !!! I'm glad you liked them
          I just left EPWA in LOT's 767-300 (Star Alliance) heading to Newark. Maybe i will post the shots, but so far most of them are crappy because of the bad weather conditions.
          Anyway thanks again


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            Nice AI traffic!


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              Originally posted by Leftseat86
              Nice AI traffic!
              Thanks self programmed, still not finished


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                Might want to re-program that Zoom.


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                  Yeah. Zoom is using 2006 flightplans :/ But it was an AFCAD problem :P Hopefully the new CYYZ scenery will solve this problem :P Was fun to see though


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                    Excellent shots. Out of curiosity, where did you get the contrail textures from?


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                      Originally posted by HS-TGY
                      Excellent shots. Out of curiosity, where did you get the contrail textures from?
                      I am not sure but I think I edited them myself. It's either contrails or touchdown effect that I edited. Well you can alwasy search avsim. They have some nice 3D contrails