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KLM Boeing 747-400: Amsterdam -> Toronto

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  • KLM Boeing 747-400: Amsterdam -> Toronto

    Another transcontinental. LOL sorry I really have no idea what to write...

    Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
    Airline: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
    Registration: PH-BFG
    Callsign: KLM 9856 Heavy
    Origin: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (EHAM) - Netherlands
    Destination: Toronto Pearson Airport (CYYZ) - Canada


    Welcome aboard !

    Guayaquil is her name

    Last preparations before another jump to the other side of Atlantic

    On the runway

    Waiting for take off clearance

    Cleared for take off....caution the 737 takin off from the other runway

    Windy rotation

    Positive rate of climb - gear up

    Loving this wingflex

    Leaving EHAM

    Turning on one of the waypoints

    Amsterdam subburbs

    Over teh Atlantic Ocean, chillin at FL400

    Getting ready for landing in Toronto

    Close up

    My fav. from this set

    Passing Dixie Road


    Smooth touchdown

    I really like this shot...

    Slowing down

    At the gate

    LOl shes huuuuge

    This new YYZ scenery is jsut awesome...


    Thanks for your time.

    Patryk/767 Pilot

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    Tres bien mon ami! Your fav shot is also my fav. Gotta try out that new CYYZ scenery
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      Agree. I like your favourite shot too.

      Third last shot, what you've done there, the AC A330? is pretty blown out.
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        [Borat]Very Niiiice![/Borat]

        sweet shots as usual man, and yeah, that new YYZ scenery is sweeeet


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          Thank you guys !!
          Didnt do that much flying lately...lots of school work and personal problems but looks like both are solved for now lol so I can finally return to my captain's seat
          The CYYZ scenery is freakin sweet. God bless the people that still take the time to design freeware sceneries for others !
          John, I know the AC bird was a bit umm overedited lol i didnt notice that before...I guess shame on me...

          Weekend jsut started so I was gonna do some more flying but the weather is nice (summer is finally here) so I guess soccer/basketball will be more fun.


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            Nice shots Patryk! I just love the new yyz scenery, I might post my own screenshots later.


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              Great shots.


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                Excellent shots.


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                  Thank you ! Thinking of doing BA 744 flight to YYZ today...:P


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                    Originally posted by pkonowrocki
                    ...lots of school work and personal problems but looks like both are solved for now lol so I can finally return to my captain's seat

                    so that thing on your ear has come back to haunt you?


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                      nice, I flew on PH-BFG (for real) from AMS to NRT in 2001


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                        Yeah I really miss the old KLM c/s. I don't know what you guys think but the new one looks just way too simple.
                        Chris, no lol the thingy in the ear did not cause any trouble (YET LOL). My parents accepted it somehow :O Well my mom was not too impressed haha.


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                          Is that the default 744 or the PMDG?


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                            That's the Overland/Simmer's Sky 747 - payware.


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                              Really? Is overland's stuff any good?