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The Canadian Jet: Bombardier CRJ-700

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    Guest replied
    Thanks ! yes I'm feeling better now, back from US lol
    It's POSKY's model

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  • Bok269
    Very nice. Is that the default or the Feelthere model?

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  • Big777jet
    Hey Patryk-

    Cool pictures. Hope you had feel better by now. LOL! Pilots aren't allowed to fly while sick. LOL! Tsk Tsk! You broke the rules in flight. Hehehe...


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  • Foxtrot

    I want your graphics card!!!!!! Just kidding haha, but seriously, awesome graphics there. Excellent shots too.

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    Guest started a topic The Canadian Jet: Bombardier CRJ-700

    The Canadian Jet: Bombardier CRJ-700

    Hello everyone !
    I was sick last week so I stayed at home for a day and decided to fly a short flight in Europe...well I do not fly outside Europe anyway Anyway I did a nice, 1,5h long flight between Palermo and Athens on Air One's CRJ-700. Enjoy the shots !

    Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ-700
    Airline: Air One City Liner
    Registration: EI-DOU
    Flight No: AO3556
    Callsign: Heron 3556
    Origin: Palermo Punta Raisi Airport (LICJ) - Italy
    Destination: Athens Venizelos something airport (EGVL ???) - Greece
    Cruising altitude: 30000ft
    Cruising speed: 320kias
    PAX: 82
    Crew: 6

    At the gate, waiting for passengers

    Last preparations before the flight


    Take off from Runway 25

    Turning left, right after the take off

    Leaving LICJ

    Over some city subburbs


    Over the dark waters of the meddittereanean sea

    At FL300

    Some clouds around Greece

    Approaching Athens

    Slowing down as we prepare for landing

    On final

    Difficult to keep the camer steady

    Seconds from touchdown

    Slowing down

    Passing some empty gates

    Taxiing to our gate

    At the gate ! Thanks for flying !

    Two bonus shots:

    A nice shot showing the location of Punta Raisi airport in Palermo

    Bird's eye view of the city of Palermo

    That's it for now and maybe a longer tiem becasue I will take a break from aviation. Enjoy this set and maybe tell me what you think.

    Thanks for your time !