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Amazing St Maarten: AA757 MIA->SXM

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  • Amazing St Maarten: AA757 MIA->SXM

    Hi guys. Finally got a copy of the wonderful FlyTampa scenery so decided to have some fun there So yeah no transcontinetal flight today...jsut a short hop from Miami. Enjoy !

    Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
    Airline: American Airlines
    Registration: N717TW
    Flight No: AA7729
    Callsign: American 7729
    Origin: Miami International - Miami - US
    Destination: Princess Juliana - St Maarten - Netherlands (Antiles)
    Flight time: 3.50h
    Cruising altitude: 35000ft
    Cruising speed: 280kias

    Welcome aboard American Airlines Boeing 757-200

    Classic tail shot

    Preparing the aircraft for the flight

    Heavy metal

    Entering the active

    Take off

    Positive rate of climb - gear up

    Turning left over Miami

    Over Miami


    Cruising at FL350

    Cockpit shot during the cruise

    After around 3 hours of cruising we begun our descend to 3000ft and started preparing for the landing. After contacting St Maarten tower, we were informed that runway 09 is being used. Visibility was around 10 miles with strong winds. Lots of clouds in the sky made the descend really shake. We were also told that there is a tropical storm coming.

    Approaching SXM

    Over the fence

    You can feel the stormy atmosphere

    Not too many visitors on the beach due to bad weather

    Just a look at SXM's famouse buildings

    Almost there


    Turning around

    Taxiing to the gate

    At the gate - view from the parking lot


    Thanks for flying !

    The flight was to fly back the same day, an hour later, but because of the heavy storm that came, low visibility and extremely strong wind, the flight was cancelled and the airplane had to stay for the night. The flight flew back in the morning, on the next day. And I took some nice departure shots.

    Tail shot

    Still at the gate waiting for passengers

    Nose shot

    From behind the gate

    And from the parking lot

    Pilots preparing for the flight


    And still taxiing

    Tourists watching her getting ready for departure

    Turn around !!!

    People at Sunset do not really seem to care about that "small" 757 as the KLM 747 is about to arrive rewally soon

    Entering the active...09 again

    Last seconds in St Maarten

    Take off

    And that's it. Thank you for your time and patience !

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    Great shots. Flytampa SXm is amazing. Cant wait for the FSX version. Is that the Captain sim 757?


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      Yeap it is Captain Sim FSX version is allready out btw


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        Mmmmmmm....very nice shots indeed. I've been pretty lazy about getting a good graphics card to go along with my FSX, so I'll have to do that sometime.

        Midwest Airlines - The Best Care In The Air


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          LOL I won't get FSX for a looooong time. It just doesn't look like a simulator to me anymore :P


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            Originally posted by pkonowrocki
            Yeap it is Captain Sim FSX version is allready out btw
            SXM or 757? Flytampa is waiting for the service pack for the FSX release. There is only a preliminary one released with the FS9 version.

            How do you like the Capatain Sim model?


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              Oh yeah I was thinking about the preliminary version lol my bad
              Captain Sim is pretty cool. I only have block B or w.e. it is so only the model and vc. No sounds, no panel. I like the vc, although it's the real FPS eatter. Also the animations are awesome. I think if you have good FPS its much better than PSS' one.