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Does anyone out there use AirNav Suite 4.

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  • Does anyone out there use AirNav Suite 4.

    AirNAv Suite 4

    I decided to splash out this weekend after getting a special offer, (50% off).

    First problem is with the scanner set to 131.725 and plugged into the ACARS decoder it is not picking up any signals. If I connect to one of the web server (Sheffield) then the data pours in and we also get thumbnails of all the aircraft but then very little seems to be transferred to the map. After over an hour last night with lots of info in the live decoding grid we only had about five flights on the map. Sure you can connect to AirNav and get all the US United Airlines flight but very little happening over Europe where most of the data was coming from.

    Online tutorials from AirNav appeared to be unavailable so I was not able to find the answer as to how to get the tracking info onto the map and so any help would be appreciated.

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    I think if you use the Scanners aerial you are restricted to the range you can reach. On the other hand if you have an external aerial you should have a large range of reach.
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      Thanks for your reply and I think you are absolutely right, a good external aeriel is a must have have for this. I was hoping to be able to track specific flights but I think this is going to be a bit difficult.




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        It maybe worth investing in an SBS base station Chris? ACARS is ok for picking up aircraft messages as long as you are not too fussed to see where the aircraft is. I have never really had any success in tracking aircraft or even relying on ACARS messages to pinpoint the location of a particular aircraft.

        With SBS all that uncertainty is gone as you can see exactly where an aircraft is at that very moment in time.

        I think an SBS is next on my shopping list once I can afford one, a recent testement to how useful one would be was back in March. Ringwaysam was tracking the A380 F-WWJB enroute FRA-IAD, told me over MSN that it looked like it was going to fly right over my area. I had ACARS on at the time and even though it flew directly over my house my ACARS just couldnt get it, yet when I looked at the live feed from a guy in Sheffield it had picked it up.
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          Thanks Jason,

          I will have a look at an SBS although I am not sure that this is something I really want to spend too much money on. However having the ability to track certain flights would save a lot of wasted time waiting around in the hope of getting a photo of specific aircraft.