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Nw802 Hnl-lax (742)

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  • Nw802 Hnl-lax (742)

    I decided to do flight 802 this evening routing HNL-LAX. Not with the usualy 753, but this time with a 742.
    Left about an hour behind scheduled departure, but it didn't really matter.
    Note the ship. Wonder why the Mooney was taxiing so close...

    Blasting away from 4R.

    Pulling the gear in.

    Typical Pacific clouds.

    Turning on course.

    Climbing among the clouds.

    Saying goodbye to land for about 5 hours on the left side.

    And on the right side also.

    Clouds accompanied me the whole way.

    From the right side. Cruising with a few bumps at .8 mach at FL350.

    Beautiful lighting with the sun beginning to go down.

    Above the clouds with the setting sun.

    Just a cool angle.

    Watching the sun go down...


    After the sun had gone down and stars were beginning to appear.

    She's comin' for ya.

    Land ho!

    Being vectored in for LAX's runway 24R somewhere north of the airport.


    Letting it hang out while turning final.

    Getting lined up.

    LAX's theme building and ATCT while performing a balancing act.

    Taxiing in behind a Pacifica 777.

    At the gate with pax beginning to offload.

    Cargo doors open and pax disembarking. Have a nice night.

    I'm still thinking of a flight to do later this week when I'm bored again.

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    Nice shots! What model is that?


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      Lovely flight and shots, Pilotgolfer. Always nice to see the NW742 classic.
      Inactive from May 1 2009.


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        Thanks, guys. It's the posky one. I got the panel off of avsim, though.


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          Little early on the departure there of NW 802 huh Schedule for 10:25pm departure and a 6:39am arrival. but nice shots none the less.


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            I think It's Posky model. I have seen Opensky website there.

            BTW - Nice photo. I didn't know 4 gauges engines glass in the center panel. I thought it was old gauges hand clocks.



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              I checked on flightaware yesterday and that's what time it said it left.
              I did find a panel with the round gauges, but something went funky so I got that one.


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                Great shots man !!! I did a flight to LAX last weekend too :P AC YYZ-LAX :P


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                  Very nice. FS9 or FSX?


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