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FS X Service Pack 1 released

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    Originally posted by Crunk415balla
    Ok, so I guess I'll move all the addons for now...and then run the service pack. Damn it. I actually need FSX tonight for a Final Physics project.
    What are you working on that requires FSX for a project?


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      I have to do a presentation Tuesday about something physics related. I chose aerodynamics, then from that chose wake turbulence. I decided for my visual aide to make a video re-enacting and explaining the Delta DC-9 crash at DFW and maybe the USair 734 at PIT.


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        Damn, got a problem here.

        So I took out all my addons, used to "Repair" option with FSX. Ran the service pack. It worked great, but many scenery areas were missing (Mainly regions like Northern Cali in which I had addon scenery installed and moved). After a sucessful test run, I move the folders back to the FSX folder, however this included the main texture folder and such, and therefor replaced files and screwed up FSX again.

        Any advice?


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          I for some reason am getting worse frame rates with the default aircraft and screwed up airport scenery. Anyone have a fix.

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            Downloaded and installed it last night. Luckily my FSX doesn't have any addons so it was a simple install.

            The difference is astonishing. Previously in high scenery density areas (London City, London Heathrow etc. the game simply wasn't worth playing with frame rates around 5 - 7 fps.
            I now get 12 - 15 fps in the high density scenery bits and a solid 25 fps elsewhere. I've set the target fps to 25 as any faster just uses up processor power with no visible gain. I've also been able to up the scenery density to very dense, road traffic to 50% from 20% and AI to around 40%. To be honest, setting AI any higher means long queues to the runway, huge waits for clearances and numerous go - arounds due to the large amount of traffic.

            My advice...Download and install NOW.

            BTW, I'm running a 3.2 GHz P4 with 1Gb RAM and 512Mb ATI mid to high range card.
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              This is something I will definatly look at..

              I run a great system already that runs fsx with fps in the dencist areas at about 10 fps... Should be nice to see the improvements.



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                Improved my performance in dence area's up to 20 FPS from 10. All sliders maxed except cloud draw distance and view radius (I do a lot of low and slow flying so they dont matter to much to me)


                Core 2 duo 2.13Ghz (OC'ed to 2.6Ghz)
                EVGA nVidia 7950GT 512Mb
                1 Gb Ram @333 Mhz (dual channel)
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                  I thought Microsoft should get a trophy for "Download of the Year".....

                  ....until I wondered why they didn't release FSX like this in the first place !!

                  When I first got FSX I wished I hadn't, and I've got a reasonably powerful machine. The FSX discs got relegated to "The box where I keep software for a future new machine". They were a bit lonely in there because the box didn't have anything else in it !!

                  This download has totally transformed FSX and it is now my first flightsim of choice. To anyone else reading this I repeat, download it now.
                  If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !